Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Almost There...

And where might that be?
Well...  with us, that's always a question....

We left Aroostook NWR on Friday, August 22...  drove about 325 miles to Lake Umbagog NWR...  arriving there on Sunday, August 24. 

Bill worked almost 100 hours (I worked all of 9 hours) and we left there on Thursday, September 4th.  On to visit our daughter in New York, then down to Eastern Shore of VA NWR....  arriving there Sept 7.  We were greeted by 2 days of rain, totaling 7" which seriously cut into the time Bill could work there.  But, work he did (I didn't)....  and we left there this past Sunday, Sept 14...  heading across that BIG bridge...  across Virginia, North Carolina, into Tennessee and 
 Finally...  across the Mississippi, into Arkansas.  I never feel like we're really making progress until we cross this mighty river.

Down around Little Rock...  and over to Texarkana...  always an oddity to me because this town spans 2 states...
Tonight we are in Texas!
Over 1,300 miles since we left on Sunday.
We have about 300 miles left to travel...  tomorrow....

Tonight we're at (another) Wal-mart. (Have I mentioned that Bill & I are cheap travelers?  In fact, one of my little "hobbies" is to take my morning walk in the Walmart parking lots picking up coins...  today I found a quarter...  yesterday we found 69c).  Anyway...  I see that there's a Subway not far from where we're parked...  guess what's for dinner tonight?

I'm so far behind on reading and commenting on other blogs that I know what I'll be doing soon after we get to Glen Rose.  

Sometimes I think this travelin' is for the birds...

Probably on their way south 
(Kinda reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock...)

But then...  I can't think of any life I'd like better...  
That's All For Today!


  1. Welcome to Texas. We have been having rain today and the forecast for the rest of the week doesn't look too good. Did you bring this rain with you? Actually, I like a few rainy days. It doesn't slow down the hummingbirds that come to our feeders. When I go out to refill them, they buzz me like dive bombers. I can hear them right behind my head.

  2. The birds surely are flocking and discussing travel plans around here. I had to stop my car on a back road over the weekend, for a large group of cowbirds who couldn't decide which side of the road the real meeting was.

  3. I'm feeling like one of those starlings right now. :)

  4. It is an amazing lifestyle and we love it too.
    You sure are making good progress, probably see you guys in Glen Rose again this fall.

  5. Love your Header - and all those birds! You've traveled a lot of miles!

  6. We just crossed into Arizona this afternoon. Seems like everyone is heading south!

  7. Those "Birds" photos are incredible (and just a bit creepy). I've never heard arriving in Arkansas called progress. But then I've never been there.