Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Here For A Month...

We got to our daughter's place Thursday afternoon...
Got a big welcome....
Yep!  Ole Pistol Pete was stationed along the winding driveway leading to the house.  He's a Texan to the core (rebar?)...  and I always have to smile as we head in.

As I've written in the past, Celeste and Victor put in an RV site right at the edge of their yard.  A full hook-up that we are welcome to use as long as we want.  The trip here from Maine did include a short visit with our daughter in New York (and, by the way, today is our Great-Granddaughter, Evie's 3rd birthday...  Happy Birthday to our little charmer!).  But because of the unexpected volunteer job at Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR, we didn't get to stop in Pennsylvania nor Ohio to visit our 2 other kids.  

Back to our welcome here...  there have been some additions since we left this spring...
A new chicken house...  
Right now it houses 3 chickens, 1 rooster...  and 6 guineas if they chose to come in at night.
Even as I write this, I can hear those guineas announcing their presence somewhere fairly close.  Having raised both chickens and guineas for many years I have to smile a little..  remembering how I really do like hearing them and at the same time get annoyed at their constant chatter.

That wasn't the only thing awaiting us...
I have read Joanne's blog...  Cup On The Bus  (don't know how to make a link, but if you aren't familiar with her, she's definitely a person worth reading)... and among other things...  she's a weaver...
She sent me these tea towels.
Okay... I think she just considers them something to dry ones dishes with, but... oh my...  if you could feel the texture...  if you could really see the pattern...  I know you'd be as honored as I am to receive such a lovely gift.  Thank you, Joanne.  One of these days I'm going to meet you in person...  I'll see the town hall...  look at that new roof...  see where that pumpkin grew last year.  One of these days we'll sit together over cups of tea...  I love my blogging friends...  y'all mean so much!

After sitting on my buns just watching the miles roll by for the past week I knew this morning that I had to get out and take a long walk.  Well, maybe you could throw a little guilt in there as well...  my daughter and son-in-law ran an 8K race the day after we left...  our daughter and son-in-law here spent 2 hours at the gym doing zumba exercises last evening...  At any rate, I could hardly wait to take a walk this morning... 
Down a dead-end road that has no traffic...
I saw a deer, both cottontails and jackrabbits, a couple of squirrels, even a tiny snail carrying its tiny shell across the road.  Not seen a roadrunner yet...  but I saw several cardinals...  a beautiful bird that doesn't travel as far north as Maine.

It's hot here... but even harder to deal with is the humidity.  I was glad to be done with my walk by 8:30 this morning...  We're here for only a month...  maybe it will rain?  maybe it will cool down?  We sure hope so.

We do have both phone service and internet here...  WoooHoooo!  Maybe now I can get caught up on my "social" life.

That's All For Today!


  1. I see that chicken coop is on wheels so it can be moved around. Great idea. BTW, you are always welcome to stop here during your travels. I have both 30 amp and 50 amp hookups and of course 20 amp if that is needed. I only have 12 acres with a swamp for you to explore (grin).

  2. I like that chicken house on wheels - very clever! And your tea towels are really neat.

  3. Now that I'm moving down the road, I'm having trouble keeping up with my blogger social life as well.

  4. I love that chicken coop and it is even on wheels!

  5. That chicken house is a work of art!

    You wouldn't catch me getting those tea towels dirty. I'd probably frame them!

  6. Nice to be back in Glen Rose, enjoy your time there.
    Sounds like you will be gone by the time we get there.

  7. I too love my blogging friends--those are gorgeous tea towels!

  8. Beautiful tea towels - that was very thoughtful of her.

  9. I don't do well with humidity. Your daughter sounds like a very fit person. I am trying to do better, walk, bike, but when I see joggers, I avert my eyes. Only so much guilt I can deal with.

  10. We have just landed in Alabama...close to our next assignment now. Yes, I'm with you on the Woo Hoo on the internet. It's going to take a long time to catch up.