Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Where's George?

The rain continued last night...  into today...  very heavy at times.  Outside our rig looks like the land of a thousand lakes.  The rain slacked off about a half hour ago and right now is down to a very light sprinkle.  Of course this meant that no work was done today on the new roof.  Most maintenance guys that are "on loan" from another refuge only stay 1 week so this weather is putting a serious crimp in everyone's plans.  Ours included.  We need to head to Texas fairly soon.

Our mail service is Escapees, out of Livingston, TX and when I knew we would be here this week I called them to have our mail sent here.  It was a welcome delivery indeed as we had sent our passports for approval of our Chinese visas in July and they were just now returned.  Also, I'd renewed on-line both our Scion and motorhome license plate stickers.  They both expire this month so that was another relief to have those in the mail.

Most times living on the road is fairly easy, what with on-line services and all, but having neither internet nor phone service for most of the summer made things a bit more difficult.

About those oysters we bought...  and shucked yesterday....
I dredged them lightly in cracker crumbs and sauteed them in some butter.  We seldom use butter but for this treat I consider it a necessity.  This was today's lunch, along with some fresh-from-the garden ripe tomatoes (from Paul's garden).  Outstanding!

Now...  about George...
As we were about to cross the Bay Bridge from Annapolis over to the Eastern Shore, we had to dig in the wallet to pay the toll.  Bill had only four $1.00 bills.  I had found a $20.00 bill while we were at the Lake Umbagog State Park and we'd been joking about who got to spend it.  Hmmmm...   As I'm ready to pay the toll, I noticed that one of Bill's dollars had writing all over it....
Front and Back....
I kept that dollar and when we had internet again I went to www.wheresgeorge......  following the instructions I found that my dollar was entered into the "George" system at 9:56 pm on April 24, 2007, in Valencia, Pennsylvania.  He's been roaming around somewhere since that date and my entry was the first one to track his route.  

George is kind of soft and well-worn these days, but considering he's been circulating over 7 years, he's in very good condition.  I was kind of surprised that he's less than 400 miles from where he started.  

This is the first time I've heard about this game, and as far as I know, the first time I've come across a dollar bill marked in this manner.

I'll probably keep it until we get to Texas and hope when I spend it there someone will notice and play along.  Or hey...  I could put it in a Geocache container....  it's bound to find a taker there.  Sounds like something a fellow geocacher would enjoy doing.

Have any of you every found a "Where's George" dollar?  What would you do if you did?

That's All For Today?


  1. We found a "Where's George" dollar in Norman, Oklahoma a number of years ago. I entered it in the website and kept track of it for a number of years and it finally disappeared from the site. Never did find out what it's fate was. Maybe the Feds burned it when it got too old. Enter the $ now and watch it move around.

    How come you didn't give us a call when you stopped at Hagerstown, MD? We could have show you the sights around there since we spend the summer in the area.

    Have fun.

  2. I love everything about the contents of that pan--except the oysters. I guess I don't like seafood as much as I used to.
    Can you use my email address in my profile and drop me a line? I have a question for you. Thanks.

  3. What fun! I've never heard of the "Where's George" game.

  4. I've heard of the Where's George thing, but never found a marked bill yet. As for the oysters, I might be tempted to try ONE. ;)

  5. I George I know where I am, but guess there is another George out there somewhere.
    Thats a cool story and great for a geocache.

  6. That dollar bill would certainly up your curiosity. It must have quite a story. I'm surprised that in all this time that this is the first time it's been recorded.

  7. I was born, raised, and lived until my mid 30's in that area where that dollar came from. We lived about 8 miles south of Butler on Route 8, the road that goes south to Pittsburgh. If that dollar bill was old enough, it may have my finger prints on it. (grin)

  8. I have played along when I entered a $. I have four nearly new ones that I am saving for my grandchildren for Christmas. These are very crisp. It's always amazing where the $ goes.

  9. I've seen one bill with the stamp but did not play along. If I ever see another, I will.

  10. Well, that is just too bad. But I think you do deserve a nice and clean break, once in a while. That should only help you make the roof a lot more impermeable, by buying yourselves time for critical distance. Hoping for a successful progress soon. All the best!

    Gretchen Holloway @ America's Choice Roofers

  11. I found a Where's George dollar several years ago. I looked it up but I don't remember what I did with it. Probably put it in a coke machine. I think a geocache would be an excellent place to put it!

  12. I had never heard of that game, but it sounds like fun. Not sure how many people would actually play along though. I sometimes wonder where things end up.