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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Texas "T" Party....

Before I write about the "T" party, look close at the header photo.  That's our son-in-law and daughter's company...  all the crew standing by some of the equipment.  Victor has worked in the gas and oil business for over 35 years, including, at times, overseas jobs.  When he returned from the last foreign job he wanted to start his own company.  He and Celeste formed a corporation, bought equipment and hired on a crew.  Depending on the job they employ anywhere from 15 to 40 workers.  Victor has the contacts and does the bidding and such...  Celeste oversees all the paperwork.  They have been in business for about a year and have already had crews working in 5 states, so the paperwork has been extreme...  everything from OSHA requirements to vehicle inspections to taxes and all the things the gov't requires.  That's Celeste and Victor near the left side of the photo...  Shanda, who is also "office" is on the right and rest are the foreman and workers.  My first blog when we got here showed some photos of their new office site.  They'll be breaking ground soon for this and hope to be in it by Spring.  It's such an exciting time for them....   it takes a lot of courage to invest so much of yourself, your time, energy and financial well being to go out on your own.  We sure are proud of them and know they will succeed.

Just had to write about them...  I'm sure there'll be more in the future.

Now...  about that Texas "T" party....  When I was in Glen Rose last weekend, I saw that the town square was bustling with activity...  It looked like I'd stepped into the past because most of the vehicles parked around the square were Model T's.  I'm not even going to pretend I know what years these cars were produced...  I just know that most were restored beautifully and all are street driveable.

I talked to a couple of owners...  learned that they live all over Texas and have these rallies at various times during the year.  

Don't you love this Shell Service Station truck?

This particular rally was held in Stephenville...  about 30 miles south of Glen Rose.  After meeting up there, the car owners take a drive somewhere for lunch or just to drive.  I believe there were about 30 or so vehicles attending this rally.  

Not all of them had shiny paint jobs....  but all were in running order and road-worthy.

I asked about road speed...  was told most drive around 30-35 mph (seems most Texas speed limits range from 45 to 75 mph... nobody goes slow here)....  and when on the highways the drivers try to respect others by pulling over to allow folks to pass.  The man I was talking with said most folks are so busy checking out the old cars that they don't mind slowing down, but occasionally they encounter some road rage.

I think I walked around the square 2 or 3 times...  just looking at all these cars and stopping to talk to the owners.

There were plenty of people like me...  just looking and admiring.

Isn't this a beautiful car?  I have no idea what year or anything else...  just know that it was outstanding!

This is the Court House which is in the center of the town square...  it's also from the past...  
It's a very old building and I bet if it could, it would be smiling to see these cars parked all around it...  maybe they are old friends.

That's All For Today!


  1. It does take a lot of drive to start a business in today's day and age but I think we are well past that stage in our lives.
    Seeing those old "T"s brings back memories of car shows I attended in my youth. Even then they drew your attention to their craftsmanship and your ability to tell the difference between the models. Today most of the cars look the same.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Love those old cars. I know a guy who has an old model T or maybe it was an A, boarded up in his old barn. I wonder if he has ever sold it?? It was in mint condition and had never been restored.

  3. Quite a collection of cars! I'm equally (or more) impressed by the entrepreneurs. A lot of work, and good for them!

  4. Love the old cars and helped a couple guys restore some when I was in my teens.
    Starting and running your own business is rewarding and will keep them busy for years to come.
    I wish them good luck.

  5. A romantic notion that I like, the idea of the cars once parked by that building in a former life. That shell truck! Oh wow. All fabulous. Good luck to your daughter and sil on their adventure.

  6. WOW...only one year and they are in 5 states. They both must have a great head for business.
    What cool cars. You wouldn't be able to be in a hurry in one of those.

  7. It looks like your daughter and SIL's company is a great success. Congrats on their drive and work ethic.

    That is quite a collection of cars. The town squares here in Kerrville and Bandera occasionally collect a group of vintage cars. I guess it is nice to get them out for a drive in the Hill Country!

  8. Great to finally see where you two have landed! I lost my entire blog people and had to rebuild them..and I added Odd Essay to the list this time!! We love Texas and hope to head that way this Winter..Florida requires reservations at least 6 months to a year ahead..not happenin' this year!! If you have never been to Texarkana, Wright Patman State Park, do it..It's on the edge of Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas..the Arklatex, so to it there!!

  9. Even just my little nonprofit business takes a lot of paperwork and record keeping so I can't imagine the amounts required of a private business of that scale, operating in many states. What do they do, repair lines or something? My brother has been a contractor all his life and its taken its toll on him. I think he is about to retire. Orchestrating all the subcontractors required for a job is very very difficult, like conducting an orchestra, to try to get it all done as those subcontractors juggle other jobs too.

  10. Congratulations for them for employing so many!!!

  11. glad for your daughter .you have great place and wonderful sharing