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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Some Birds... Some Other Stuff....

Okay, before I do today's post, I'm gonna reply to a couple of comments.  Mark...  we had the toro fish for dinner tonight (you are right on the real name)..  I pan fried it in olive oil.  Yes, it's darker than halibut or ocean perch or one of those, but...  it was quite good.  I really appreciated you telling me what the heck we were going to eat...  and I did Google that and did, indeed, know that's it.  Thanks so much.  

Donna...  you were our very first blogging folks we met and I'll never forget our time at Falcon Lake.  I must not have told you that we haven't had a TV or radio in about 40 years...  and while we're not campfire folks, we are probably more "back to the land" kind of people than a lot of folks...  we had a wood-burning cookstove and a compost toilet in our house before we started RVing....  butchered our own chickens and goats for meat, had our own organic garden and ... well, you get the picture.  I loved meeting you folks and hope you get back on the road more as time goes on.  And... yes, I'll fix bacon wrapped shrimp for you anytime!  Folks like you and Mc? (see, we haven't had a TV so I can't remember) are keepers.  Hope you're keeping up with your birding skills!

We heard the Tamale truck in the neighborhood last evening...  So far it's only gone down the main street and we're a couple blocks from that...  but...  here it came!

We bought 2 chicken (pollo) and 2 pork (puerco) tamales...  each about 50c (US dollars) each.  We had them for lunch today.  The maza (corn flour) was really too thick for us... the thin strip of filling was...  just that...  very thin....  but for 50c that really wasn't bad.

This morning we slept in...  anything later than 6 am is sleeping in for us, but we hauled ourselves out of bed, had breakfast and headed for a morning walk along the RiverRoad.  We hadn't done any birding yet and were excited to see what was out there...

Not disappointed at all...
 A Scissor-tail Flycatcher

 Vermilion Flycatcher

 American Bittern

Black-bellied Whistling Duck


(probably) Blue-gray Gnatcatcher

Plus a Kingfisher, Rufous-backed Thrush, Yellow-crowned Night Heron. Golden-cheeked woodpecker and several other species I didn't get photos of.  Yes...  I love that walk and am looking forward to the changes in birding as the season goes on.

There was a fishing boat out on the water..  looks like it could be a shrimper but I don't know.  We do see boats out there, but, really,  not a lot.

Most winter "visitors" or "snowbirds" haven't arrived, so the beaches are very quiet and virtually uninhabited......  yet.

Walking home I saw this guy...
I don't know who he is or where he lives...  only feel our "home town" quaintness when I see folks like him doing their shopping then heading home.

We did have an exciting thing go on with our new home today, but I'll leave you in suspense and write about that tomorrow.

As you can tell, I'm loving it here and just shake my head in wonder that we are so fortunate.

That's All For Today!


  1. So nice that you are settling in and making the most of the area.

  2. I would love to be without TV these days. Political talk is getting so crazy!

  3. I would love to be without TV these days. Political talk is getting so crazy!

  4. I loved your comment on our blog about "no TV for 40 years." I like to watch movies but have never been a TV watcher. Mike isn't much of a TV watcher either, not sure why we have a 40 inch TV???? I am always amazed at people who pay $100+ every month for TV then complain there is nothing to watch. LOVE the bird photos!

  5. Thanks for taking us along with you on your journey of settling back in at Lo de Marcos. I enjoyed that small-town life too.

  6. Glad to read you love your new place. My favorite....American Bittern.

  7. Looks like easy relaxing living, not the high stress up here.