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Thursday, October 13, 2016

You're Gonna Think We're Back in the USA....

There are lots of tiendas (stores) here in Lo de Marcos and most things we can get here.  La Penita is about 10 miles north of us and there are a lot more and bigger stores there.  But maybe because neither Bill nor I really like to shop, we headed for Puerto Vallarta yesterday to the "Big Box" stores.  Get it all in one place and get the heck out of there....

Look Familiar?
Yep!  There's the Home Depot store, just a few blocks from the bus stop.
Same logo...  same invite to save more!

Entry way looks pretty much the same as what we're used to...
While the layout is a bit different than the store in Granbury, TX, (which is a bit different than the one in Columbus, OH), we had no trouble finding the departments we needed.

I think they might be doing inventory at this store because the aisles were more cluttered than we're used to.  Not that that slowed us down...

The lighting in our house needs upgraded....  Here, Bill's looking for a florescent bulb to replace the one over the sink.  Seems everything's LED these days...  looks like he'll just replace the whole fixture.

The house came furnished (pretty much), including a shed out back with a lawn mower, a shovel and a few hand tools.  Bill bought the (green) Ryobi drill....  chose an electric rather than a battery one.   Even I know that a drill is essential...  it's not just to make holes...  sure will make a great screw driver as well!

And...  it's not just in the USA that Christmas is on its way!
Shop here to make your holidays happy!
Yes, artificial trees, decorations..  the whole enchilada!  Ready to make your Christmas merry.  
I kinda liked the orange balloons here...  pumpkins for Halloween?

We looked at air conditioners, (ours sounds like it's on its last leg), and all kinds of other stuff, but until we've lived in the house a while, we're not ready to make any major changes.
Unless something breaks....

Got on the bus again...  headed a few miles up the road to...
You got it!  Wally World!

We've been looking for a phone....  not a cell phone, but one for the house.
There is already a phone line (we do have internet here) and even have a phone number assigned to us...  but haven't found the right phone yet.  
That means another trip to the big city again soon.

Bill got the drill at Home Depot, but found some suitable drill bits at Wal-Mart.
We didn't shop very long here...  mostly just checked the place out, even though we've shopped here in the past.

Like all Super Wal-Marts, they have a grocery store...
Bill and I both like calamari and pulpa, but we didn't have a cooler with us and the bus trip back home is at least an hour.  Another time...

My friend Patty, back in Athens, Ohio, posted a photo of chicken feet, now available in the meat section of the Wal-Mart there.  We're used to those here, but have never seen them in Ohio.  Maybe Ohio will be featuring octopus soon ;-)

And...  of course...  
The wine and liquor department is huge...
Our Texas daughter's favorite wine is...  yes... Barefoot - pinot grigio.
I'm roughly estimating that this size bottle is about $7 USA.  So, Celeste, you're getting a bargain at the local H.E.B.!

Today we went with Memo up to the Tianguis at La Penita.  (about 10 miles north of us).
I'll wait until tomorrow to post about that.... but it's about as far from the Big Box stores as you can get...  in every way!

Don't know if I'll get back into the habit of posting every day...  not sure who will get bored first... you all who have been with me here before, or me thinking enough's enough.  Time will tell...

That's All For Today!


  1. A real electric drill. Power to the people. I made my granddaughters learn the proper way to chuck a drill; I don't care that Uncle Tom and Uncle Walt just firmly grasped the collar.

  2. Love your posts from Mexico. keep them going as mush as you feel like. We miss going there, maybe sometime again.
    Have fun in your new house. More pics please.....

  3. Yes a lot like our B&Q stores. Chicken feet!

  4. I have never seen octopus in any Walmart I have been in. lol

  5. If you write it, we will read!

  6. PLEASE keep posting regularly at least. It's the first thing I look for to read every morning. Missing Lo de Marcos :(

  7. I like to hear of your adventures and some of the people you write about are now familiar characters like Memo

  8. I was totally shocked when I visited Mexico for a kayak trip, to have to go to Walmart first thing to replace the luggage of one of the participants. We need to hurry and explore our world before all of it looks the same.