Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, October 17, 2016

Scenes About Town....

The electric problem we had on Saturday turned out to originate from the pole...  it was fixed by Saturday afternoon by the utility company.  But believe me, the electrician that came here to our house tried his best to find the problem.  
He even took a step ladder out to the pole and did something there.  I'm not sure what he did but personally, you'd never find me on an aluminum stepladder poking a pole at the overhead lines.

These men have a card game or domino game going every evening.  I think this was Sunday afternoon.  I've never seen any women there...  but last year would occasionally see our friend, Skinny, from Iowa, playing cards, so gringos can sit in.  I have no idea if they play for money, matchsticks or just for the fun of it, but they sure seem to enjoy their games.

This big iguana was resting on a huge tree root along the river.  We have been in parts of Mexico where you seldom see iguanas...  the locals fix them for dinner.  I've not asked, but considering how many we see here I'm guessing that doesn't happen here.

Colorful flowers everywhere!
This hibiscus is among several other species of flowers...  all climbing a fence we pass on our way to the grocery.

This little boy is playing with a very tiny kitten.  We've been seeing this kitty at the grocery for several days now...  usually someone is cuddling him or making over him.  Today he ran around the corner and scared himself when he came to the edge of the step.  The whole front of the market is open....  it's not like critters can't go into the store.  But I have seen the store owner chase away a huge iguana in the past.

A flock of Groove-billed Ani's hang out across the road from us.  I took this photo while on our porch.... trying to get a shot through the wrought iron fence.  I remember so well our first time in south Texas and wanting to go to the dump in Brownsville to see the Ani's and Brown Jays.  That was 2002....  we've come a long way in our birding adventures since then!

Also taken from our porch, there are several young iguanas that hang out on the wall across the road and on our wall.  I walked out the back door to hang out laundry and heard something crash...  think an iguana was at the closeby shed and knocked something over scurrying away.

Guess these aren't exactly "street scenes", but here are some shots of our walk with Memo this morning....
We met Carol, a full-time resident here, and there's Elaine and Memo.  And, of course, Pirate, who came along on our walk today. 

And further along the beach are Bill and Elaine's husband, Don.  It was about 8:30/8:45 this morning and the sun hadn't started beating down on us so terribly yet.  There were even a couple dozen folks swimming in the water closer to the restaurant area.

Someone had built this little lean-to out of palm leaves.  That's Memo and Bill, taking refuge from the sun here.  The tide was just starting to go out...  this beach is more pebbly sand than fine grain.  There are sections where the little rocks are so plentiful that I can't go barefoot.  You might find an occasional piece of seashell, but not often.  

This crab was hanging onto the sand wall formed by the ocean waves.  He was about the size of a salad plate...  made me wonder if crabbing was done here.  We left him to his endeavors.

The folks who own the house across the street returned yesterday.  I believe they are Canadians.  Another couple we know came back here for the winter just a few days ago.  We ran into Tamara, a masseuse and yoga instructor who told us she'd just got back into town.  During the next month the town will gradually swell with the winter folks.  Most will come from Canada, a few from the USA.  There is a huge RV park that is almost all French-Canadian.  

Our sleepy little town will be bustling soon.

That's All For Today!


  1. What a cute post. I really enjoyed seeing your area through your camera lens.
    I had no idea people ate iguanas. You ever taste it?
    Really neat lean-to. What a great idea to get shelter from the hot sun.

  2. You are really enjoying you time there this year, looks like are comfortably all settled in ready to enjoy a wonderful winter.
    Before we know it you will be grilling Iguana on a stick.

  3. Wonderful post Sharon--hope you guys have a great winter in Mexico--keep those photos coming!

  4. A wonderful and interesting post, as usual. You and Bill always find the most interesting places, flora and fauna, and people to post about. Always enjoy your postings.

  5. It looks like you've chosen a really great spot! Nice of Don to spread the wealth (Bill and Elaine's husband, Don)!!!

  6. It sounds like paradise in many ways, as the rain pours down here and various fungi sprout in water logged lawns. Wish I was there!