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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Our House in Lo de Marcos....

I've had several folks ask me about the inside of our house.  So...  here are photos that I took yesterday.  We bought it "furnished".  That means we bought the appliances (kitchen range... with oven; refrigerator, washer/dryer combination... stacked; a microwave; one "secretary" type desk that has some drawers; a wooden chest that is used as a coffee table; 2 tables.. 1 indoor, 1 outdoors with 8 plastic chairs; a wooden frame couch on the front porch; and a couple of foldable lawn chairs.  The kitchen came (mostly) intact...  dishes, pots and pans, silverware and such.  But it has 1 coffee cup, 1 drinking glass, 1 martini glass and 1 margarita glass.  (maybe the folks who lived here took turns using these....)  There are some kitchen appliances and gadgets as well.

Mexican houses often are constructed mostly of concrete, brick and tile.  Ours is no exception.  The ceiling is brick, and like all the ceilings in this area has a "wavy" pattern.  The couch is made of a concrete base and covered with large cushions.  The bed (king size) is also a concrete base with a mattress on top.  The night tables are concrete slabs built into the wall.

Enough words....  here are some photos...
I was standing in the bedroom, looking  into the living area and kitchen.  At the upper right you can see the half bath (toilet, sink, stacked washer/dryer and a tiny shelf up on the wall.  This room is about 5' X 5'...  plenty big enough.  From where I'm standing in the doorway, it's 26' to the back wall of the kitchen.  It's 14' wide.  

Another view....  
Oops... I forgot to mention the bar stools in front of the kitchen island were here as well.
The front door is on the other side of the refrigerator.  That's a back door just this side of the secretary/desk.

Standing close to the kitchen island, looking back towards the bedroom....
I'm still experimenting with those blue cushions...  trying to find a reasonable comfortable way to use them.
Yes, that's a phone on the couch arm...  we actually got a call the other day...  a wrong number.  That's the Internet Router on the back of the couch.

If I were to turn to my right from the couch photo, I'd be facing the front wall.  That's the plastic table and a chair that came with the house.  We moved the refrigerator out of the kitchen...  it blocked about 3' of shelf and storage space... on both the counter side and on the island side.  

A closer look at the kitchen area....
Bill has replaced the florescent light over the sink with an LED fixture.  There are curtains stored in the closet that go on any window you might see that doesn't have one.  
An interesting feature about the kitchen and bedroom doors...  both are double doors (French doors?) and each door has a window.  The neat thing is, the windows unlatch and open, leaving a screened in area for air to circulate.  You can see at the left of the photo above, we've opened up the window (and pulled the curtain in front to keep it open.  Makes for a nice "natural" air conditioning.

The bedroom has a wall AC...  we'll probably replace it soon.  You can see what I mean about the doors....  The bedroom is about 12' long, and including the bath is also 14' wide.

I'm standing just outside the bathroom door....  looking into the bedroom and kind of into the living area.  There are 2 full closets to the left of the doorway, and 1 full closet just to the right.  (not in the photo).

The bathroom is small...  and we need to buy a shelf/storage unit to put toiletries/cosmetics in.  The sink is a lovely mosaic tile....   I'm standing in the doorway from the bedroom...  and if I turn to my right...
There's a HUGE walk-in shower!
I think the shower area is every bit as big as the bathroom.  

That pretty much takes care of the inside of the house...  I just went outside and took some outside shots...
The front porch...  This is where we spend most of our time...
It runs the whole length of the house and is around 11' wide.   There is another 12' or so of front yard, planters and then a brick wall in front.

The back yard is maybe 20' deep....
Looking at it from the left side of the house (as you're facing it)...  you can see the bodega (shed) and the housing for the well.  There is a compost pile just behind the bodega.  The bodega contained the Weber grill, a lawnmower, wheel barrow, shovel, step ladder and various other tools...  as well as a set of golf clubs!  Back here, the lemon, lime and orange trees are well on their way to adulthood.

Standing in front of the bodega, looking the other direction....
That spindly looking tree sort of center front is a Moringa tree that Memo gave us.  It needed planted but that's just a temporary place until we do some more landscaping.

Back to the left side...  now looking at the stairway leading to the roof.
Sometime in the future we hope to build on...  another bedroom and bath, plus a small patio up there.  That won't be this year...  we feel we need to live here a while to get a feel for exactly what we want.

Another front view of the house...  standing just as you're entering the gate onto the driveway.

And...  finally...
Standing in the street.....
We live at 51 12th of December Street...  the property starts on at the brick wall where the ceramic house marker is, past the wrought iron gate, along the red brick wall, and ends where the pink stucco wall begins.

Now you've seen it.... the house that captured our hearts.
If you have any questions feel free to ask away...  or e-mail me...

Tomorrow we'll get back to the birds...
That's All For Today! 


  1. Is there hot water? In Honduras in my apartment the only hot water was a 220V attachment on the shower head. I heated water in an electric hot pot to do dishes and such.

    1. Yes... there is a hot water heater in the utility room. As far as we can tell it only heats the water for the kitchen sink. There is a water tank on top of the roof... it looks like black rubber... and it's heated by the sun... that's the water for the shower. Right now that's okay... but as the nights get cooler (and the early mornings) I'm thinking we'll have to do some "re-arranging". The place we lived last year only had hot water in the shower... I had to heat water to do dishes. Guess it's always something ;-)

  2. Looks like the Maytag stack I left behind, sadly. And, it looks like a lovely hacienda. The ceilings are interesting. I have an expat friend who relocated to Mexico. They built up, and it's lovely.

  3. What a lovely house. I think the bedroom is my favorite room. I love those door. Your front porch is amazing. I would be out there all the time. Thanks for the tour. Good luck.

  4. Very nice! I love that Old Mexico feel, and I would spend most of my time on your front veranda too..I have to ask you if you have any fears of living there....

  5. Love your house, saw the pics last year an think you got a wonderful place to enjoy the winter months.

  6. Nice digs! It will be an adventure making it your own.

  7. Love the house. It's beautiful. Guess moving the couch (or bed) is not an option though. Mexicans have always been fond of doing things in bricks, tiles, concrete and adobe.

  8. Thanks for the tour. I LOVE the double doors! I'd be camped out on that porch too. Enjoy your new retreat.

  9. Looks great! I really enjoyed seeing it all. Many thanks.

  10. I love it, especially your front porch/patio, looks inviting and friendly. INteresting the bed and couch are concrete, then you add cushions or mattress. I am about to construct a couch, and am thinking maybe I'll use pallets. Sometimes I can find them free. I hope you don't have earthquakes in that area, with a ceiling of brick.

  11. what a lovely place you two have found.

  12. Great pictures and info. Now I can 'picture' where you are. It looks like a really great place and to get all of that 'stuff' with it was a great thing!!!