Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, October 22, 2016


It's Saturday...  the tianguis in Lo de Marcos doesn't start for a few more weeks.  But each day we see more winter folks here in town, so the season is, indeed, here.

If you're new to my blog I'll tell you now that most of my posts are about what we see..  we go for long walks almost daily...  checking out what birds are about as well as what's going on on the streets and things about town.  Since I use this as my journal, I'll also be recording changes we make in the house.  We haven't done anything to the inside since our arrival, so the photos I posted last March are still what it looks like.

I got some replies about my lizard-like critter...  I believe Nancy is correct in ID-ing it as an "anole".  We didn't see any on our walk today....  but maybe I'll get lucky and see more as time goes on.

Since we aren't renting, we're responsible for making sure our propane tank is full.  The kitchen stove and the hot water heater are all that we use off the outdoor tank, and when we had it filled yesterday, we figure it will last for several months.
In the upper right photo you can see the propane delivery truck out on the street.  The truck driver just pulls out a hose and drags it to the big tank.  Years ago we were near Veracruz on the east coast... had propane delivered into our motorhome tank and the hose burst while it was being filled.  Thank goodness nobody was smoking or we'd have gone up with a big boom!  All went well with this delivery, but you can bet we keep an eye on what's going on.

I love the walk along the river...
There's ibis and egrets and even a little blue heron enjoying the water today....
The best time to walk is around 8:00 or 8:30... walk from the east towards the ocean...  that way the sun doesn't blind you and you can see the colors of birds.  I was facing east taking the above shot, but there are areas of shade that make great shadows.

This guy passed us....  just ambling along.
See the tree at the lower left?  That was planted just last December.  The town workers planted these trees all along both sides of this road.  Most of the trees they planted are thriving!

This Golden-cheeked Woodpecker looks like he's having a bad-hair day!
I tried to get a better shot of him, but he kept ducking around the back of the tree.
Looks like he got carried away with the gel on his crew-cut, doesn't it?

Today is the first time we've seen goats while walking this road.  These guys were in a field next to the beach.  The biggest buck was tethered....  even though there are males in this herd I'm guessing that the buck is the leader and these guys won't stray too far away.

We see a few Jacana along the river, but not as many as we'll see as time goes on.

The Turtle Sanctuary looks like it's up and running...
The folks that run it collect eggs that the turtles lay and rebury them in this enclosed area.  They'll post a sign above the buried eggs with the date.  That way they'll know when to expect a hatch.  After the hatch, they'll release the baby turtles back to the sea...  at dusk.... hoping that they escape the predators that aren't nocturnal.

The sea, and the beach, was quiet this morning.  But it's Saturday and by noon families will be enjoying the water.
This woman and her young son were the only folks I saw this morning.  Just out taking a walk...

When we get to the ocean, Bill and I turn around and walk part-way back on the River Walk before turning into town.  
It's always interesting to see things in the opposite direction...
There were several of these huge Magpie Jays flying around up in the palm trees...

And I caught this Casique just as it was coming in for a landing....

There is a large flock of Rufous-backed Thrush hanging out along the path.  Looks a lot like our American Robin, doesn't it?

We walked over to the Lagoon and checked it out...  it's kind of cloudy today so visibility was better than usual.  We're usually facing right into the sun and its glare on the water is terrible.  The usual...  black-necked stilts, cormorants, herons, egrets, various songbirds....  no Roseate-spoonbills yet.

We headed home...  

That's All For Today!


  1. I love all the pretty bird photos!

  2. I love all the pretty bird photos!

  3. Oh my gosh. I just love when you post photos from your walks. I love the Golden-cheeked Woodpecker...bad-hair day for sure. The Magpie Jay is awesome. What a great eye you have for catching that Casique landing. Great job!

  4. It's like flora and fauna overload.

  5. I would go bananas with all of those unique birds!

  6. Wow, what lovely birds. And you know what they all are. Always enjoy you blog postings. Keep up the great work, or is it fun?

  7. Some more wonderful pictures, we did a lot of walking when in Mexico, just so wonderful to see the different scenery and culture. Really enjoy your postings.