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Monday, October 24, 2016

Chicken Every Sunday....

Yes, we like having that Weber grill, but there's something about buying a BBQ-ed chicken ready to eat that has a certain appeal.  Especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon...  which happens to be the only day of the week that the restaurants here drag their grills outside and BBQ....  I don't know how many...  chickens.

We've tried the 2 places closest to us but prefer the chicken that the "Bernel" complex fixes.  I'm calling it the Bernel complex... that's not the real name...  but the Bernel family has at least 2 businesses in that huge building.  Letty, one of the 7 sisters, seems to run the grocery store where we do most of our shopping.  And one of her sisters has a restaurant right next door...  she's the one who does the Sunday chickens.  
They have the rotisserie chickens...  (they also grill potatoes, peppers and onions in here)
The split open chickens laid on an open grill.
This is what we usually buy...  I like the skin crisp and inside juicy, and even though it's not healthy, it sure is good to eat!

On Saturday, they have a tablet out on the counter...  you write down your name, which kind of chicken you want, if you want any sides to go with it, and the time you want it done.  Then on Sunday morning they start grilling the chickens to be done at the requested time.
The young man in the green shirt is the owner's son...  he seems to be about 15, and this year he appears to be in charge of this operation.  Last Sunday his little sister was making change for customers, but it looks like he's doing the work of carving the chickens, adding the sides and wrapping it up to you to take home.

I just have him quarter it...  which means we get some odd kinds of cuts....
This leg has part of a thigh, maybe a bit of breast....  The wing has mostly the white meat of the breast...  but maybe part of the neck.  Doesn't make any difference, it tastes delicious!

It all comes in this styrofoam take-out tray...  those are a half dozen or so corn tortillas they added...
All for the price of 100 pesos....  about $5.00 USD.  The slaw, potatoes, peppers etc are a little extra.

While we've enjoyed our Sunday chicken the past couple of weeks, we probably won't make it a "must do" every Sunday....  but really is a great tasting meal at a reasonable price.

That's All For Today!


  1. There you go again, making me really hungry. I sure bet you enjoyed that fine eating.

  2. Hm, really looks delicious. I too like BBQed chicken.

  3. When we were in Mexico we bought our ready cooked chicken fro the "Chicken Lady" sure was wonderful and cheaper than doing it ourselves. Nice to support the locals. We eat various cuts of chicken several time a week, ouit number one favourite , the comes fish and lean pork.
    Hope you save the bones and make some soup. Yummy..

  4. Looks delicious and the price is super. We love chicken.

  5. Wish someone would cook chicken like that for my Sunday lunch--looks delicious!

  6. That is very inexpensive for a large amount of food. Since I don't eat meat very often, it doesn't really look very good to me.