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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catching Up... Again...

It's been a few days since I've posted...

Easter came and went...
St Rose of Lima, Easter Sunday
This is the church I go to when I'm in Glen Rose.  I'm always early because the choir practices an hour before services and I love listening to them.  I got to thinking about the past few Easter...  last year we were in Spain, the year before in Costa Rica, the year before that again in Spain...  I remember going to service at a Vietnamese church in Rockport, TX one year...  some years in Mexico...  I'd have to look at our old calendars to see where all we've been on Easter.  But...  we're seldom with family.  Of course, Bill is family...  and with kids located in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas...  our siblings in a couple other states, grandkids in yet more... everywhere from California to Michigan to ....  we are just happy to have phone service most places we are.

This year, we were at Celeste and Victor's.  A lot of Victor's family came for dinner, and Celeste put on a good feed.  Delicious!

In the evening Celeste and I went for a walk...  I turned over a rock so that I could close a gate...  and... oh my!

This is a Texas Centipede!
While this one was maybe 6 or 7" long, they can get to 10" or more.  They bite...  and are poisonous.  Not like a rattlesnake poisonous, but enough that the pain and after affects are felt for quite a while.  I'd never seen one before.  I figured it could do some damage as nearly everything here in Texas stings, bites, punctures, sticks you, or does other bodily harm.  
The thing I was most fascinated by is how it got all those legs moving without tripping over itself!  Heck, I'd be stepping all over my own feet!

We've had some rain so the wildflowers are still blooming quite nicely...
Here's an Indian Paintbrush with a Bluebonnet in the background.  
They are just gorgeous...

And it just amazes me how plants can germinate and grow in the tiniest cracks in the pavement...
I didn't check it out, but it's probably some kind of coreopsis....  and it's right underneath the guardrail at the side of the road.  Hardy little critter, isn't it?

I know I've posted photos of the plant/feeder hanger that Bill & Victor built, but they kept improving on it...  I think this is the finished product....
Looking from our motorhome...  
It holds everything from a birdbath/water tray to hanging baskets of flowers, to hummingbird, thistle and seed feeders for the birds.

It also has our weather station at the top right...  
It's painted a deep green and fits right in with the rest of the area.
I love it!  Thank you, Bill and Victor!

I have one more doctor appt next week, then we'll start thinking seriously about heading to Ohio...  then on to Maine for the summer.  I mentioned earlier how our kids live in various states...  well, we'll have the opportunity to visit them on our travels.  I am so looking forward to that.

Hope y'all had a good Easter...  and you didn't encounter any of those gross Texas Centipedes!

That's All For Today!


  1. Oh My - a great post! That Centipede is spooky!

  2. A bird bath! Of course. I think I can hang a couple from the bird feeder hooks.

  3. That is a ild looking centipede!
    We are lucky all our family is right here in southern Ontario within an hour or two mostly.

  4. Yuck, an ugly bug. I am finally catching up on my posts, especially the A to Z challenge. I feel that I am finally accomplishing things around the RV. I think I hibernated during this colder than usual TX winter. I always plan on stopping by church services while I am traveling, but never manage to do it.

  5. We used to see those big centipedes at our place in Elgin. When they were moving through the dry leaves you'd have thought there was something much larger coming your way.

  6. I think those centipedes are pretty...but I don't want a bite from one.

  7. Love your bird feeder/bath/plant hanger/weather station area. Great idea having such a sturdy stand for all your bird/nature accessories with a view from your home on wheels. Becki

  8. Holy schmoley! That thing looks huge! I'm really glad we don't have all those biting creatures here--ours are slimy things like slugs! The bird feeder/weather station is fantastic! Will be showing Jim the photos--looks like a project he could tackle. What are the posts made from? Love that you have a weather station there too!

  9. I miss my family at Easter time as like you, we are seldom around any family--this year we were traveling on Easter Sunday. And it's snowing this morning--ugh! Love the bird feeder station, I've got my feeders out and the poor little birds are very thankful today!

  10. The plant-feeder-hanger-weatherstation is a work of art! As for the centipede, we were just explaining to some local friends that everything is big in Texas.