Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Morning Entertainment...

It was just getting light when we got up this morning.  I peeked out the door almost as soon as my feet hit the floor....  I'm on a mission....

Frankie (nickname for Frankenstein...  which suits him perfectly) has been hanging out underneath my bird feeders.  We bought a honkin' big squirt gun....  have been just waiting for him to be on the stalk again.  Sure enough...  there he was...  barely daylight.  I grabbed the gun...  flung the door open...  and....  rats!  I don't know how to use the darned thing!  

Off he goes.....
Bill got him with a spray of water a couple of days ago, so now as soon as he sees us at the door, he shoots off into the brush.  Don't get me wrong...  I like Frankie...  I'm a "cat person" anyway...  but also like my birds.  Can you see those green posts on either side of that hummingbird feeder?  Well, that's the start of a new place to hang my feeders...  it will be 9' or so high and even Frankie isn't that great of a jumper.  As for the water gun...  I lost that chance but figured out how to use it later.

I start my day by checking my e-mail.  This morning what to my astonished eyes should appear?
Eight...  count 'em...... Eight brand new geocaches in the area!
Not only in the area, but at least one within walking distance of Celeste's house...  and all of the new one's within a couple of miles.  I didn't even bother with breakfast...  headed out the door hoping for a "FTF"....  that's a "First To Find"...  it's kind of an honor to be the first to find, and though I'm not very competitive in my geocaching hunts, I couldn't resist the chance to find a couple of these.

I didn't even bother to look up the clues...  figured I'd be gone maybe a half hour at the most.  Well, it turned out that I found 3 of the caches...  yes!  FTF's all!...  came back, picked up Bill to go out again....  and ended up finding all 8 new caches...  and being FTF for all eight.  WooooHoooooo!

Ended up that the drive down the road just kept leading to other caches...  some hidden quite a while back and found by several folks over the past few weeks.
But I was on a roll....  we found a total of 17 caches in just over 2 hours.  
This small round camo'ed box was hidden in a cemetery...

I happen to love cemetery caches...  and now, here in Texas the bluebonnets are blooming and make even a lonely, out-of-the-way place very lovely.

Not only bluebonnets, but I think coreopsis, Indian paint-brush, verbena and some other wildflowers are in bloom.

There were places along this county road that were just blanketed with bluebonnets.  It was a great morning to be out in the countryside.

We were home by 10 a.m......  it took me nearly an hour just to log all my finds on the geocache website.  Having 8 "FTF"s in one day is a new record for us....  even finding 17 caches in a couple of hours isn't too shabby.  

I know my love of geocaching isn't for everyone...  but not only do I find a "treasure", I also see a little more of the countryside.
What fun!

That's All For Today!


  1. Not competitive??? LOL Getting out that early to get 8 FTFs is pretty incredible.

  2. I tried geocaching once, but just couldn't get into it. Sounds like you did good.

  3. Congrats on being FTF and also finding so many.

  4. Congratulations on your new record--well done! I love all the flowers growing there in the cemetery--we don't see that here. It's all mowed trimmed grass here. My husband's a retired surveyor & I thought he'd like geocaching but he said no. I guess he feels as if he's spent enough time looking at GPS coordinates!

  5. Sounds like you got into the Mother Lode of geocaches. Good job!

  6. Yeah, that's another way of getting out and about.

  7. What do you do with the geocaches? Do you get to keep them, then have to put something else in its place, is that how it works?

  8. Wow, that was an amazing morning you had, and enjoying the wildflowers too.

  9. That was quite a busy morning for you - and oh, all those Wildflowers! Good work, girl!!

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