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Friday, April 11, 2014

Pick Up Chicks Here....

Years ago, we spent the summer in Alaska and had driven down to Homer for some reason.  We passed a farm supply/feed store that had a big sandwich board sitting in front of the place...  with huge letters saying...

Pick Up Chicks Here

Needless to say, I still chuckle over that when I remember it.

Well, yesterday, our daughter began her venture into raising chickens...  
After the decision of what breed to buy, and where to put them, a trip to Tractor Supply was in order.

Here's our granddaughter, Natalie, holding 3 of the 6 baby chicks they bought.

Right now the chicks are in a cardboard box in the shed...  they have plenty of "bedding", a drinking system and chick food to eat.  They have a light over the box to keep them warm...  which they'll need until they get a little older and grow more feathers.

A chicken house is on order...  maybe even one of those that you roll around on wheels to distribute the fertilizer better...  as well as giving the chickens different places to scratch.  But that's a couple of weeks or so away.

I always enjoyed our chickens when we had the farm...  I enjoyed watching them as they grew, enjoyed the entertainment they provided (yes, you read that correctly...  they are better than watching TV), I enjoyed fresh eggs, and I enjoyed the chicken dinners.  (oh... gross!).  I hope Celeste enjoys raising chickens as much as we did.

Yesterday I wrote about Bill's need for a new Leatherman-type tool.  He did end up buying a Gerber this time...    Today I thought I'd show you that he isn't the only one who uses such tools...

These are my own...  all Leatherman brand.  The tiny red one...  key chain size...  I bought in Toulle, NV while we were volunteering at Fish Springs NWR.  The 2" mini on the right was a gift from Bill several years ago.  The 4" "Wave" was a gift from FWS for volunteering at Aroostook NWR.

Now...  why does a person need such a variety?  Heck, I don't know...  I know that I've used them all at one time or another.  They are SO handy when geocaching....  
Just look at all the tools they hold!
I can saw off a small branch that's in the way...  file my nails....  open a bottle cap....  tighten a screw, tweeze out a splinter....  the uses just are so numerous!

I used to have a tiny Victorinox knife on my keychain...  it even had a toothpick!  But...  I had to leave that in the confiscated bin at the Albuquerque airport many years ago.  

Guys aren't the only ones who use these handy dandy gadgets....  personally, I'd be lost without mine.

That's All For Today!


  1. I have to agree. I never had a leatherman until I was given one as a gift at Tamarac NWR last summer. It's now always in my pocket. I know I'll use it more than the Sound Therapy thingy I just got here. ;)

  2. I like the idea of having chickens, but I'm sure I wouldn't like the reality!

  3. That's an impressive assortment of gadgets that you carry! The chickies are really cute. (But I'm glad it's her and not me! LOL)

  4. We used to have chickens, ducks, and geese. Those geese were weird.

  5. My daughter once ordered something like that for her Uncle Tom for Christmas. It was back ordered; all her heard was how fabulous it was. It was back ordered so long it became a family joke. It arrived probably mid Summer, and it's been on his belt ever since.

  6. I have a few knives too. Just love them never know when you might need one.

  7. Your granddaughter will get a complete education from raising the chicks. Just think of the responsibility!

  8. We saw chicks, bunnies and a classy--and expensive $476!!--chicken coop at the farm store yesterday! Seems as if everyone's raising chickens these days. Thank you for sharing all your Leatherman tools--you have a wonderful assortment there! They are very functional, aren't they!