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Thursday, April 10, 2014

House of Blades....

I've been wanting to go to Ft Worth...  been thinking about an In'N'Out hamburger for a couple of months now, and it looks like my intestinal problems are well on the mend...  soooooo...  today was the day.  I know 60 miles is a long way to drive for a greasy hamburger so I added a couple of other errands to my list to justify the trip.  Okay...  I didn't really need to justify the trip but it sounds better.

Our son-in-law, Victor, had never had an In'N Out, so he went along for the experience.  He's between work assignments right now so has some free time.

Bill mentioned that he was in the market for a new Leatherman-type tool, and Victor told us about a great place to buy knives and other such things.  After the shopping...  and the greasy burgers....  we headed to the House of Blades....
 Located just the other side of Lake Worth, the store is an attractive log cabin, sitting high on a hill side.  
 We all wandered in different directions...  I was immediately attracted to the culinary knives...
Huge display.....  all types for all uses.

 I think I'd have to be a high-paid chef to even think about buying this set of knives.
Aren't they beautiful?  If I owned them I'd be carrying them around in a chamois and would never, ever let anyone else even touch them.  Probably have them insured as well ;-)

Do you need a pocket knife?  Maybe a knife to filet fish?  How about a hunting knife?  There is a knife for every need and probably for a few things you don't need here.  The store has 3 rooms of knives...

Swords and sabers....

 Rustic art...  wood carvings, antique knife sharpeners...

And even Golf Disks!
This one's for our friends Mark and Teri....  Mark is an avid golfer (of disks) and I'd never seen anything like this before.  Now, Mark, I know what you use...  just don't know what you do with it.

Okay...  back to our reason for being here...
The leatherman-type tool.  Bill forgot to remove his leatherman from his belt when we left Costa Rica...  oops....  checked baggage was checked....  can't go through security.  He gave it to some guy in the airport rather than toss it in the confiscated goods bin.  
There's Leatherman, Gerber, Sog, Victorinox and Emerson in this display.  

Bill...  giving close examination to the various types.
It takes some clever thinking just to open and close some of these things....  there's locks, slides, buttons and all manner of tricks to use them, but after a few times they loosen up some and a person becomes familiar with their mechanisms.

Bill chose a Gerber this time.  After years of various Leatherman tools, he was ready to try a different brand.  

 We paid for it...  and headed home.

Hopefully Bill will like his new purchase and I'm betting that next time we're packing for a flight we'll remember those pesky airline rules and regulations.

That's All For Today!


  1. You were about 3 miles from me today. Hope you enjoyed Lake Worth.

  2. I'm reminded of when I lost a sweet little pen knife at the airport in San Juan. We were a bit rushed, and I forgot to put it in my checked bag. :( It was a gift from a fellow out in Calgary too. Man I hate when that happens.
    These days I rarely carry a knife around, but I know one of my brothers is never without his Leatherman. Saved a guy's life with that thing once.

  3. I've never had an In and Out burger either. I haven't even indulged in a What-a-Burger this season. :(

  4. Holy Cow!!! Knives and Golf Discs in the same store. I'd probably need to get several of each!!

  5. A Gerber rather than a Leatherman? What was it he liked about the Gerber? Which one did he buy? Jim would like a store like that.

  6. Packing your knife in checked luggage isn't a guarantee that it will make it to the US when you leave Costa Rica. Our son put his nice Swiss Army knife in checked luggage and it walked away either in CR or the US. Same thing with a nice alarm clock I had in my checked luggage.

    One time when we left Abidjan, Ivory Coast for the us we spent a couple days in London. When we were getting ready to board in London for New York the customs guy at Heathrow checked our sons carry on luggage. He had the most surprised look on his face and motioned for me to come over and look. Our son had packed about 5-6 knives including a bayonet in this carry on. WOW! Now what. Well, since it was about 1984 and we were on Diplomatic passports he just shook his head and said good luck in New York. From that time on we checked his carry on before very trip. Can you imagine getting by with that in this day and age?

  7. That is a lot of blades - What an interesting place!

  8. We were just discussing In-N-Out burgers with our friends at dinner tonight. We don't like them and they love them. Jim always has his knife with all the tools on it close by. I let him use it sometimes when I need help.

  9. My husband forgets about his nail clippers in his pocket every time we fly. Thank goodness that's only a couple of bucks. It could get expensive forgetting a leatherman.

  10. WOW! I have not seen such a big house full of blades! I have a pocket blade with 6 other instruments attached with it. Will take it with me where ever i go!

  11. Now that is one great selection of knives.
    It been a couple years since we have enjoyed and In and Out burger.
    Last greasy burger was at the Green Pickle in Glen Rose with you guys.
    Gotta get those food fixes.

  12. Glad Bill is all outfitted now. Pesky airline regulations! Right after 9/11 I flew with my Dad who was very ill at the time, in all the confusion of getting his wheelchair and him through security I accidentally threw his cherished pocket knife into the little bowl and sent it through the x-ray machine. Of course the TSA people caught my mistake and were going to confiscate the knife. I traveled for a living then and the skycap who was helping me with Dad knew me and convinced the TSA people to give him the knife and I could pick it up the next time I flew--I've never forgotten that guy's kindness--and yes, I did get Daddy's knife back.

  13. Can't do without a leatherman tool!!! Jody, manager at Santa Ana NWR, gave me one (ladies size) and I treasure is so cute AND useful.