Along the Natchez Trace

Monday, April 14, 2014

Windy Monday...

We've had beautiful weather ...   until last night.....

Yesterday afternoon, Bill checked the weather forecast and ....  woooohoooo!  Tornado warning...  expect high winds...  and hail!  Well, desperate times call for desperate measures....

Makes me think of that song, "Tie Me Kangaroo Down", only for us it's "Tie Our Lazy Daze Down".
Now don't think that those straps are anchored in the ground to keep us stable...  nah..  they are stretched over the cardboard and tin that cover the roof to prevent hail damage.  Not likely, but we are cautious folks....  you know... better safe than sorry.

 Celeste and Victor have guests and they put their van...  and we put our Scion...  under a big shed that Victor has to avoid hail damage.  Well, last night the tornadoes didn't materialize...  nor the hail...  but the winds blew...  and continue to blow today.  What happened to the beautiful weather?

I think my last blog showed a "works in progress" project...  the structure to raise all my bird feeders to discourage Frankie from doing his own kind of birding...
It's done and works great!
This is the view from our rig's window, taken about 8:00 this morning.  That yellow rope is kind of stablizing the feeders until Bill works out a better plan.  That's our weather station on the left on the top cross board.  That little wind gauge sure is doing a whirly-dervish dance today!

Now...  for a couple of "I don't know"s...
Looks like a kind of Paintbrush...  in the snapdragon family...  but much deeper pinkish-purple.
I figure Carolyn and Wally, my native Texan friends, know what this is for sure.

And...  here's a Judy or Mark mystery...

An odd-ball Chipping Sparrow is the nearest I can figure...  no eye stripe....  very white around the whole neck area.  

My Texas wildflower field guide isn't the best...  the bird... well, whatever.....  it's more fun to ask for help sometimes just to get some answers.  

By the way...  I finally got fed up with the number of anonymous comments (which had nothing to do with the blog...  just plain spam!) and tried to fix that situation.  I hope I didn't mess it up to where my friends who are so kind to leave comments cannot do that now.  

Anyway...  if the wind doesn't blow us away, I'll be talking to y'all again soon.

That's All For Today!


  1. Pretty windy here in Ohio too, and gonna get very cold tonight. Think we stay for another day, before we hit the road.

  2. I just got back to the rig in the knick of time before that storm hit Winnie. The wind's a blowing and the rain is coming down in sheets! Looks like a goofy chipper to me too.

  3. Looks like a chipper with a white ruff. All the rage now, you know. We have those three inches of snow blowing in right now.

  4. No wind here yesterday or so far today, but Saturday....whew...another story. Hang on, it's spring in the midwest and ya never know what is coming down the tube.

  5. I like the bird feeding should work well. We had only 11 degrees again this morning. I hope my comment posts!

  6. The tornadoes are pretty dangerous so it's wise to take precautions. If the tornadoes don't come it's a bonus.

  7. We too had to take measures regarding the spammers and yes it makes it a bit inconvenient for our readers but the spammers were getting out of hand. Stay warm and firmly on the ground!

  8. We were lucky enough to miss all the major storms when we were in Tornado Alley (or at least the worst part of the storms), but we had friends who lost several windows in their brand new RV to hail. Good call on the precautions!