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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not Much Happening Kind of Post

This is gonna be a pretty much "not much happening" kind of post...

We're kind of in the midst of doctor appointments...  Bill's are routine...  mine... well... seems I got some kind of intestinal thing in Costa Rica that hitchhiked home with me...  taking me a while to eradicate the problem.  I guess I knew my cast iron stomach would have to cave in at some point, but am still kind of disgusted with my internal system....  it should have more than a 72 year warranty....

I've been fixing dinners like this for years...  I just clean out the veggie drawers and make a stew....  
Don't know what the heck happened last month that upset my system...  maybe I'll have more answers after another doctor appt tomorrow.  

Life has been fairly quiet here...

This hen turkey visits us every day.  Just about a half hour ago a tom turkey strutted along behind her...  I didn't have my camera handy, but would love to have gotten some photos of his lovely fan and of him strutting his stuff.  Maybe I'll get that tomorrow.

Still lots of hummers at the feeders.
Black-chinned......  gorgeous...  deep purple throats and when the light hits that, such a royal purple.  Just fantastic!  I'm filling this feeder twice a day now....  it seems to be the favorite at this time.  

This tiny feather got stuck on one of the humming bird feeders today.  Look at the deep blue feathers, with a tiny fringe of white ....  and long "eye lash" looking feathers of a brilliant red at the very top.  I can't even imagine what part of the hummingbird this feather came from....  but it has to be a hummingbird feather....  and that red isn't blood...  it's very natural.  I know that color has more to do with light and prisms and the such...  but still just can't visualize it all.  

And, speaking of color...  my latest pair of socks I'm knitting...
I'm almost to the heel....  
I'm a very "structured" kind of person...  find it very difficult to knit a pair of socks that aren't exactly twin images of each other.  Well, this yarn just doesn't comply with my brain-set.  I'm starting to like them a lot...  maybe because the texture of the yarn is so soft and snuggy...  but it's taken me a while to accept that this pair just won't look alike.  

The weather has been all over the board in the past few days....  rain, cold, sunny, warm, windy...  you name it....  so maybe my blog tonight is indicative of the weather....  whatever.....  

Mostly just checking in....  we're doing fine.....  I'm still trying to catch up reading blogs....  not doing real well in my comments....  but I still appreciate my blogging family and appreciate you all.

That's All For Today!


  1. I wish you well in discovering and treating the stomach ailment.

  2. Sorry to hear about your stomach bug. Hopefully not anything too exotic!! I love your tiny little HB feather. It is hard to believe that anything that small can zip around and be so darned tough!! Feel better...

  3. I think those socks look very 60's and LOVE them!!!

  4. Stomach bugs are not a lot of fun. Hope they can figure it out and give you something for it. That feather is just wonderful.I couldn't believe all those Hummers were actually sharing the feeder. Ours fight over it and we have one big bully.

  5. Hope you got answers from your doctor. When we lived in Nicaragua we regularly had intestinal bugs. We never got good answers, just drugs that eventually set us straight.

  6. Hope your stomach bug goes away soon.. The socks are cute, and stores sell mismatched socks now.

  7. Maybe you need a new cast iron liner in your stomach.
    Like the socks almost look like the tye dye styles way back when.
    Looks like you are in for another heat wave there.

  8. Sucks when not all is right with the innards. Best of luck getting it sorted out.

  9. Oh, I hope your stomach trouble gets sorted out. That's a horrible feeling. I have a lot of trouble that way. Get some pics of that strutting Tom will ya? Can't wait to see him!

  10. Love that yarn!
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  11. Mmmmm I'm hungry, looking at that delicious dinner! Can I come over? :-) Love you!

  12. I hope your doctor finds out what's ailing you and that you feelbetter soon. Ask him/her if he's ever heard of Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Extract. I've heard people say good things about it, even if they haven't been to a foreign country. The reviews on this are pretty interesting:

  13. Sorry to hear you brought home a bug, hope that little issue is resolved soon! LOVE those socks, I've got to learn to knit!