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Friday, April 25, 2014

Rock Around the Clock...

I was thinking of all the different titles I could call this blog...
One was...  Rock of Ages...
Back Hoe with Bill and Shovel

What's going on?  Well, Celeste loves gardening...  and gardens require water.
I might add here that they do have their own well and water system to handle whatever needs they have.

Our son-in-law, Victor, has been planning to put in a water system that will cover the major areas that will need watered.  No small feat!  This area of Texas is ROCK!   Just inches below what little bit of soil is there is solid rock.  The water line needs to be laid about about 2' deep...  (I may be understating the depth)...  but anyway...  that big ole backhoe is essential for the amount of work that needs done.  It takes a lot of digging and pounding just to break up that rock shelf into pieces that will fit in the backhoe.

Part of the line has already been laid and covered with dirt.   About a dozen loads of top soil were hauled in to cover the ditches...  all those rocks will be hauled away later.

There are several areas that will need a faucet...  you can see where they've put in a fitting so the area next to the house can have it's own system.

In the very back of the yard, they might want a garden one of these days.  This section isn't done...  but you can see pipe laid...  that little white line clear almost at the top of the picture.

More of the ditch...  more pipe....  and.... more rocks!
Those little chicks I showed in a previous post will soon go into a chicken house...  and... yep! they'll need water.

This is a huge project...  it may have to be done in sections.  But you can bet Bill & Victor are doing their best to do it right.

You Rock, Bill!

That's All For Today!


  1. That looks like way too much work. . .

  2. Wow, what a project. Great work Bill and Victor. I can assure you if I were there, I'd be on the side of the camera you're on, Sharon.

  3. That's a project and a half! Can't believe all the ROCK. Bet Bill is glad he doesn't have to dig all that with a pick and shovel!

  4. I think it's best to be the picture taker in this situation. ;)

  5. They do have a lot of rock in Texas.

  6. Now thats some project to undertake, amazing what people do for a garden.

  7. Whew! That's rocky soil--I thought our glacial till had a lot of rock. Knowing that the work is done properly--yay, Bill & Victor--will mean that this work will endure! Would love to see photos of the irrigated land in the future as well as those chickens drinking all that good water!

  8. That is a huge undertaking but once complete the garden will be enjoyed for years to come.

  9. That's a lot of work, love the photos of the ditches and the layout and the "worker". I need to do something like that in my quite small backyard, to make it drain better (all clay). French drain they call it, but lots of digging and my metal neck plate doesn't do that well with lots of digging. I still want to get it done though. So I think you guys should park in my Oregon driveway some month and I could in exchange borrow a "worker". LOL! Just kidding, I'll probably never French drain the back, just think about it sometimes.

  10. Makes me tired just looking at the pictures! hey hey .. macho Bill! looking mighty good ;)