Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Little of This... Some of That....

A couple of days ago we woke up to heavy fog (and we're UP on a RIDGE!) with lots of dew.  Bill told me that he'd heard the weather...  100% humidity...  and there was no rain... just ... WET!  You walk outside at 7:30 in the morning and your tee-shirt sticks to you... sweat collects on your upper lip...  and the day just keeps getting heavier.

I think the temps are in the high 80's during the day...  certainly not the hottest we've known lately by any means...  but.. darn!  that humidity is something else!

Not only that....  my allergies have been protesting my return to SE Ohio...  as usual.  My "post nasal drip" rivals Niagara Falls....  so far my sinus cavities aren't so put-out at being here that I have headaches.  We'll be heading to the east coast in a week... I hope the full-blown allergy thing holds off for a while.

Most of what we've been doing would lead to redundancy in a blog post....
The Farmer's Market....
 Of course if this were MY stall, the sign would read...
"No Strings Attached"

Celastrus Scandens
 Bittersweet, in plain English
I used to make wreaths and sell them right here in this market....
I walk down the path now and haven't seen even the first vine.  No, I didn't decimate it...  but it's been so many years since it grew there and now the tree canopy is closing in...  and taking over a lot of the lower vines and scrubby trees.

I write often about the bread...  Avalanche Bakery makes the best bread in the world!
 Okay... I'm biased.
But where else can a person buy "artichoke leek bread"...  or today we bought "pesto, sun dried tomato, garlic bread".  It was a hard choice...  there was also "Yukon Gold Potato, ripe olive and parmesan cheese bread".  Oh....  I start salivating even thinking of those wonders!

We've been hearing the Red Bellied Woodpecker...  Finally got a fairly decent photo of him today...
If this were "the Mrs", there wouldn't be as much red on the head.  "Red Bellied" I said?  Yep...  if you could see his belly, you'd see a tinge of red under his wings and along his belly.

Hey, my game camera (Bushnell) isn't the only one those deer pose for...
Here's my favorite Mom and baby...
Of course you can tell that Mom's checking me out.  Looks like the kid is more interested in taking another lick on that mineral block.

Well, the Game Camera is hard at work as well...
This buck has been showing up at least once each night.  His rack isn't terribly impressive for this part of Ohio, but it's not bad.  We're hearing that there's a trophy buck in the area.  Apparently one of our neighbors runs a "hunting camp" and "invites" hunters to come and hunt (for a hefty price).  I'm kinda hoping that that big buck that's around will stick close to our place during hunting season.  I'm not anti-hunting, and the deer population is too high here...  but I'll admit I'd like to see those big, strong guys be the gene pool to propagate.  

Well, Prairie Home Companion is just signing off....  if you missed it tonight, you missed Garrison Keillor at his best...  his "discussion" about the Federal Gov't Shutdown.  Oh, so true.

We'll be here another week before heading to Baltimore next Sunday...  so if I can come up with something else, I'll write again soon.  But...

That's All For Today!


  1. Continued very warm and humid here as well, and sure wish those 70 degree temps or lower would get here vs the 88 degrees we had today. That bakery does sound awesome and glad we don't live near it cause we would be very good customer, too good for our own good. Thanks too for the heads up on Garrison's show, we missed it tonight but can listen on Sunday.

  2. Whenever there are a lot of deer around, I am always accused of making to many pictures:)

  3. oh, that bread... my downfall even more than pie. jeeeeezus that looks good.

  4. I see deer grazing along the road and meandering across it daily, but no bucks yet. They behave the worst, crashing and charging and unpredictable.

  5. I like warm temps but the humidity is awful! We're supposed to have 70 above today, and our little town is having its Fall Festival. Guess we'll go check it out. Nice photos you posted today.

  6. Great night pics of the deer. That market looked pretty inviting as well.