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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Books, Reading, and..... Pondering

I know there was a time when I couldn't read.... I just can't remember when that was.  I can remember spreading the newspaper on the floor and "reading" the comics...  Dagwood, Gasoline Alley, Dick Tracy as well as others.  In school, I can remember reading about Dick, Jane, Sally and Puff and looking forward to the next lesson.  And one of my favorite things was the day the Bookmobile would come to our neighborhood.  Since we lived about 10 or 15 miles from the county library, the Bookmobile would arrive about every two weeks and we could check out several books to read until it arrived again.

Neither of my parents graduated high school, but both were avid readers and could converse (intelligently) about everything.  They belonged to a book club and the postal service brought a new book every month.  Even as a little kid I read adult books...  So Dear To My Heart; Little Britches; Cheaper By the Dozen....  and the list goes on.  Later, I got into a lot of trouble when in junior high and high school I'd choose books like... The Search For Bridey Murphy (reincarnation) and Compulsion, (a story about the Loeb and Leopold murders) as subjects for my book reports.

So I guess it's no wonder that we don't have a TV but prefer reading...  and book stores....  as our favorite things.

Today Bill & I headed off to the big city of Columbus, Ohio...  we had several errands to run, but a stop at the Barnes and Noble is considered mandatory...
 The store at the Easton Center is much like all the others around the USA.  Has the obligatory Starbucks, is a WiFi hotspot...  all that sort of thing.    We kind of by-pass all that and head right to the meat of the matter....
 The Books!
Of course we each have our own topics of choice.  Bill heads to the magazines to find the latest genealogy magazines...  then on to the travel section, the computer tech section etc.
I start out at the travel section...  on to the latest mysteries....  always check out the cookbooks and the essays and biographies...

Now bookstores have a lot more than just books...
 Here's a Godiva Chocolate Display...  And the bottom photo is a set of plastic "hero" figures... yes... Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and a few others that can be your kids (or yours?) favorite toy.  And on the right is a Halloween display.  You can buy greeting cards, games, puzzles...  whatever suits your fancy.  We kind of stay with the books, although I do venture into the music department.  In fact I recently bought a great CD of Yo-Yo Ma and the Goat Rodeo Sessions at another B&N.

Just look at these fantastic displays!
 Oh Wow!
You can buy classics, or regional books...  And look!  Tony Hillerman's daughter has a book out.  Looks like she's following in her Dad's footsteps!
Magazine!  OMG....  what subject are you interested in?  Everything from becoming buff, to eating vegan to science fiction to the latest art and craft.  Just everything.

Sometimes I head over to the "craft" section.  When I was a "stay at home" mom, I used to do custom knitting for a local yarn shop.  They were usually women with a career who didn't have the time, but had the money...  who'd commission knitted items.  I loved doing that and made all kinds of clothing that I could neither afford nor would ever wear anyway.  That was a long time ago and although I just don't knit much anymore, I still love to look at what's out there.

Boy!  Have things changed!
 I almost bought this as I love cats and our lifestyle is such that having a kitty just isn't feasible.  Hey... having a knitted cat sure beats having to clean a litter box all the time!

And, even though I'm not really a "dog" person, I'll give them equal billing...
 With my luck, someone would want me to knit a huge black lab or maybe a St Bernard!

I don't just look through the aisles of books I know I'll like...  heck, I look at them all....
I wish now that I'd opened up this book and looked at what it had to offer.
I mean... really...  duct tape is a mainstay in any RVers toolkit.  Just look at that array of colors and designs!  Our little white Scion has some vital pieces being held together with either white or clear duct tape...  wouldn't a strip of kelly green with silver stars perk THAT up a bit?

They even have a humor section...
I took the photo and then kind of browsed through the book facing us.  However, I'll admit that I didn't check out that 4th book from the left.  Rats!  I always miss the good stuff!

Now, just look at this sign....
I mean... really...  do they honestly think that THESE are the only thought provoking books in the whole store?  I think not....  if I had the time, I'd still be browsing through there...  adding this book or that one to my bag.

We spent quite a bit of time there....  Bill bought 1 magazine and I bought 2 books.  I'll let you wonder what they are.

It may be a while before we hit another books store (not counting Amazon, of course)....  so we take advantage of them when we can.

Happy Reading!

That's All For Today!


  1. I only get to B&N when one of the kids needs a book. It is overwhelming. I went in last Christmas to pick up one item and came away with a whole new round of Christmas present books for the kids. I only duplicated one already possessed book. Not bad.

  2. That book in the last picture, Eat, Drink, & Vote, sure sounds like a winner (grin).

  3. Oh, I forgot to add. Red Green was and is my hero!!! Loved that show.

  4. Despite all the modern gadgets, reading is still one of my favorite pass times. I admit to recently becoming fond of Barnes and Noble, since I started using the Nook. To my surprise I am really enjoying reading this way.

  5. Your childhood sounds a lot like mine. My parents also did not have the luck of finishing school but they were anything but ignorant - due to books. I have loved to read since I could hold a book. Great pictures of the bookstore. What a cornucopia of treats for the mind! Never heard of Red Green but he would probably be a better choice than the 4th book from the left lol!!

  6. Great blog on BOOKS... one of my favorite things.... I do have 2 Kindles now, but can't get over the need to fondle and smell books, to have and to hold. Never been known to pass up a book store! You never know what you might find. And there are books in regional bookstores too, like ocean themed at the coast bookstores. There were all kinds of books about women of the West in the Boot Hill gift store in Dodge City.. who knew!!! In Redlands Calif there was JUST a childrens book store.. it was so cool!!! But one can spend HOURS in Barnes and Noble.. just with the magazines....

  7. AAAhhh! I LOVE TO READ - I 'read' paperback books, hardcover books, listen to audible books, read my Kindle. I read cookbooks and knitting pattern books like novels. I love fiction, non-fiction, memoirs ..... Thought I'd suggest a book if you haven't already read it, "The Camel Bookmobile" by Marsha Hamilton.
    I have to close now - my book is waiting!

  8. Interesting !... I have to admit it caught me off guard on the Knit a Cat and Dog..LOL perhaps I might try that ..not a great knitter more crocheting..but hey, if I knit a Dog on down the road I could also maybe write a book on knitting their food as well ...Ha ! Sharon, that was an awesome read as well..and by the way..Dick and Jane had their Spot..LOL.. Thanks enjoyed ..God Bless

  9. Just finished a book on Agenda 21 and "sustainability". I'm starting "Inferno" by Dan Brown today. With ten siblings, mom used to send us off the public library when we were kids. During the school year the rule was "a book a week".

  10. I too grew up with two reading parents and we watched very little TV. My paternal grandfather could not read and I remember Grandma sitting after lunch and reading to Grandpa from all the stuff which came in the mail. Mike and I don't have TV and are avid readers--I use my Kindle a lot these days but really enjoy having a book in my hand too. Sounds as if you spent some time in the Barnes and Noble. Any word on if you are going to Costa Rica for the winter?

  11. Barnes and Noble is a great store. We always try to hit it when we get near one. The closest one is 250 miles away, so it's rare for us to get to one of those.

  12. Loved going into B&N when I traveled. Kit your own dog or cat .. hahaa .. why not

  13. My mother would love those knitting books (cats and dogs). What a great find!

    We lived in the suburbs outside NYC when I was a kid. I looked forward to the bookmobile's regular visits. Great memories.

    While perusing your list of childhood reading, I was shocked that you read "Little Bitches" ... but then I took a second look.

  14. Book stores were bad for me. spent too much money there. Had a whole wall of books in my house, and then had to donate or sell them when I sold my house. I still like to go to bookstores, though. Just have to be careful not to spend too much. I also look for books at resale shops, garage sales and flea markets. I download free Kindle books, but still like to read a real book sometimes. The knit a cat is a good idea, lol.... You'll have to do a book review of the books you purchased.