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Monday, October 7, 2013

Captured Wildlife... But Only on Camera...

I have a lot of fun seeing what my game camera "captures" when I'm not around.  I use a Bushnell game camera that I bought at Cabela's a year or so ago.  I've used Bushnell, Cuddyback and Moultrie. Actually had a Moultrie that was stolen while we were in Texas. (another story... another time).  The Bushnell I use is easy to handle and we have it set so that when it "senses" movement, it will take 3 photos at 1 second intervals.  During the daylight hours the photos are in color...  the night time shots are infra-red produced so appear as black and white.  I've cropped all of the photos below, but the original photo shows the date and time of the shot as well as the temperature, moon phase and a place for to add a location or camera name.

All these were taken in the past 24 hours.  You'll be happy to know that I did not include all 749 photos that were taken.  Yes... I use a 4 GB memory card...  don't want to miss anything.

A Mama Doe and her fawn sharing the mineral block that I put out last week.  I'm going to have to buy another one tomorrow...  they've just about finished this one off.

I can't tell what kind of bird has lit... or is trying to light....  on the deer's back.  The closest I can come up with is an Eastern Phoebe....
The fawn doesn't even know it's there...  but Mama looks kind of startled.

A Murder of Crows...
Thought I'd get fancy and be "proper"...   you know... like a gaggle of geese, or a flock of pigeons... well, a bunch of crows is called a "murder".  See....  it pays to read all those mysteries!

Look here...
 I don't know if they are brothers or just hanging out together...  
It looks like there could be a little sibling rivalry over who eats first....

 Uh Oh...
 What's this guy doing here?  
 Guess the raccoon wins out for dinner tonight...

And...  Another Night Visitor....
That oppossum ambled into the range of the camera, but apparently he didn't stay.  
I am taking down my bird feeders every night now... it took the raccoons and oppossums 2 weeks to find them, but once they did, they'll destroy them if I forget to take them inside.

Haven't done one of these shots for a while...
The End!

And, just in case you missed it....
The End!
The End!

That's All For Today!


  1. Howdy Sharon & Bill,
    Game cameras are neat and a friend had his stolen, also... Joyce & I saw a video once of a 'trial' deer feed of cotton-seed hulls, but a Robert-kitty(bobcat) thought it was for something else; he dug him 2 'holes' and squatted, one for P & one for #2... May have found a new kitty-litter....

    Hope the snow don't get tooooo deep for y'all to get out of oHIo... If it does y'all can still have a HAPPY DAY !!!!

  2. Striking photos. Those deer coats need a good brushing.

  3. Ha! What fun to have a "game" camera. You captured a lot of cool photos.

  4. Hummm, a game camera. Now you have given me a great idea. Love your photos

  5. Great photos. It is amazing what all goes on at night in the woods. And what you got was just from one night. . WOW!!!

  6. Been to Cuba NM (your header photo) a few times back in the 1960's. We lived in Santa Fe and went to the now closed Zia Boy Scout Camp near Cuba.

    What photo editing s/w do you use? Wow - 749 pictures in one day!

  7. These are amazing! Wonder what "wildlife" I would catch on camera here. (Maybe we don't want to know...)

  8. We've been thinking about getting one of those cameras--just to see exactly how many bears we do have--maybe we would be better off not knowing??