Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, October 11, 2013

Leaf Peeper? Just not happening....

Usually the 2nd weekend in October is the prime time to take a drive and look at the colorful leaves here in SE Ohio.....  This year I'll be the first to admit that it's a big disappointment.  Okay...  I love driving around the county roads no matter what time of year, but if I want to see the fiery reds and yellow of the maples, the oranges and Lord only knows what colors of the sweet gum....  the bright yellow of the poplars...  even the mahogany reds of the oaks...  this year it "just aint'a gonna happen".
The lane going back to our RV site here on the farm....

At least the white of the sycamores trunks have the decency to "look"  like it's autumn!

Driving through the State Park heading home...  where are the colors?

Okay, I guess I can live with that.  Come Sunday Bill & I will be driving the nearly 300 miles east...  through West Virginia...  over to Baltimore, Maryland.  Surely the trees will be more colorful there!

We've been checking out a lot of cemeteries since we've been here.  Today I headed back up to the old Glouster cemetery (Bill stayed home to do yard work)....  and of course, since I had some time, I had to do a little geocaching along the way.

This old Covered Bridge is just a few miles up the road from where I was born...

 I have no idea how many Covered Bridges are left in Ohio (or even the USA), but it was built in 1880 and is not only standing, but still in use.

Looks like it should be in Vermont, doesn't it?  But..  no, we still have quite a few left in SE Ohio.  

I realized after I took this, that the other side of the bridge has a marker that is easier to read...  doesn't even have the bird poop on it.  Of course, the covered bridge that I remember best from my childhood (scary as hell to walk through it!!!) is long gone.  It now is a bridge that looks like an Erector Set...  except this time there, it is totally closed...  made me take a detour of several miles...  so I don't know what's happening to it now.

Yes...  I did find 10 geocaches today...  which is a heck of a lot better than I did finding my relatives in the cemetery....  I never did find them.    Oh well....  maybe next time we're in the area I'll have better luck.

Just because I love my game camera and can't resist including these photos...

 Mama deer kinda thinking this fawn has nursed long enough!  Maybe a swift kick will send it on its way!

 Kinda hard to have any dignity when you have a wreath of vegetation hanging all around your lovely rack of antlers.  Oh well.....  maybe they'll fall off before he meets up with a lady friend.

Who's the "man-liest"?  (buck-liest?  deer-liest?)  My rack IS bigger than your rack!

Like I wrote earlier....  Sunday morning we'll be heading out to Baltimore, MD.  We'll leave our motorhome here....  stay in a hotel (YIKES!) until our cruise leaves port and heads up to Nova Scotia.  Not sure when/if I'll be able to blog in the next couple of weeks, but I hope to ...  at least sign in now and then.

Tomorrow we have to pack (at least we don't have to worry about weight as we don't have to fly to Baltimore!!!!) and have a last (at least for now) breakfast with family.

So....  until the next time....

That's All For Today!


  1. Have a great trip. I will miss the game camera pictures.

  2. Enjoy your travels. I really enjoyed Nova Scotia when I traveled there years ago.

  3. Beautiful shots today, especially the deer. Really enjoyed those!

    Have a wonderful trip! :)

  4. Sorry the Fall display isn't fantastic this year. Here in Utah there have been lots of changes in the week I've been 'camped' at Camping World, Kaysville, outside of SLC. I'd wanted to make it to New England this Fall - I guess it might be 2014. I love the deer shots. Keep 'um comin'

  5. Have a great cruise, I hope you get to see some fall colors.

  6. Have a great trip......I love Nova Scotia!

  7. The fall colors aren't happening here, either, and this weekend is supposed to be the peak. Just blah. I believe the best was two weeks ago, when the sun was in full glory on the beginning change and I had that little fit about the government shutdown.

  8. Well, I don't miss the raking, but I do miss the colors. The last weekend in October used to be right around the perfect "fall colors" time in New England... unless there was a major rain storm to ruin it all.

  9. LOVE that covered bridge. Have a great trip, and enjoy yourselves!!

  10. Howdy Sharon,
    Great game camera shots; that ain't no fawn that's a yearling and doesn't need to be still nursing...
    Be careful and have a nice trip and cruise !!!!!