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Friday, October 4, 2013

I Spy With My Little Eye...

I had my eye doctor appt last week...  the irritation I was having was from a busted stitch...  from cataract surgery 2 years ago.  Tiny little thing about an eighth of an inch long was poking me in the eye... from the inside out.  Dr McAdoo quickly removed it...  then went on to tell me that in about 50% of lens replacements for cataract surgery, the lens gets cloudy and vision is impaired.  I guess I'm no exception...  my left eye has good vision...  my right eye has had increasingly blurred vision.  The good news is that a couple days ago I made a quick trip (yes, it was fast) to the surgery suite and had a laser treatment on the right eye.  While I won't go into the details, it was painless, non-invasive, and the only "side" effects has been immediate improved vision.
Then it was on down the street to the Optical place for new spectacles. 
I tend to scratch up my lenses...  cameras and binoculars take their toll, despite the rubber caps on them.  I'm just plain hard on glasses.  The technician asked me what I'd been painting...  hmmm.... I had to ask him what color....

I put my game camera out a couple nights ago...
 Doe and Fawn
Even though it's October, I see this fawn still has some leftover spots from "babyhood".

I picked out new frames as my current ones are several years old and have been weakened through several different lens replacements as well as many adjustments...  and a few hard knocks.  Guess I'll use them as a back-up...  just in case.
I don't like doing this...  it's not how they look ...  heck, I can't even see them...  it's that once I find something I like I could wear the same style forever... but, no...  they don't make those kind now.  

Another view of the Doe...
There were a total of 309 photos taken within 24 hours...  the mineral block and sweet mix I put out every day was quickly found and eaten.
I have lowered the camera a few inches...  hope I got better photos last night.

I did pick out frames I think I'll like...  and, I left with a very flat wallet....  In about 10 days I'll be wearing my new glasses ...  both new frames and new prescription.
Whooo...Hoooo... look out birds...  I'll soon be seeing you!

That's All For Today!


  1. I love to get new glasses for some reason--I am rather vain, unfortunately! Glad you are going to be "seeing those birds!"

  2. I'm about due for some new frames also, but I'm hoping these hold out another year. I hear you about the scratched lens. It's frustrating.

  3. Better vision is a wonderful side effect. I'm still good with my frames and lenses for another year. Thank goodness. They definitely are expensive.

  4. For a few years I was the Director of an Eye Surgery center so I know these 'little' things can occur after surgery. But, that said, cataract surgery is the #1 surgery done in the world today. It used to be hernia surgery but no more. I'd love to learn more about you "game camera;" is it mentioned in an earlier post? Thx ... mary-pat

  5. I really needed to upgrade my eyewear last time, too, so I took my sister to help pick. She done good and I my wallet was de-fla-ted! I do ike them.

  6. What a difference new lenses can make!

  7. I have an appointment for laser surgery to clear up some cell growth under my lens that was inserted after cataract surgery. Dang, we need to get togother and share notes. . .

  8. Howdy Sharon,
    A fawn with spots in OCTOBER???? It won't make it through an OhiO winter, poor thing !!!
    If they can't sew the lens in, just WELD IT IN, THEN !!! At least it works now, correctly and don't scratch your eyelid... Good !!!!
    That 'game-camera' is a wonderful toy, it's a whole lot better than my friend's !!! We saw a video of a 'Feed-trial' run on cotton seed-hulls for deer, IT WAS A HOOT !!! A Robert-kitty(Bobcat) climbed into the trough, DUG ONE HOLE & Pd, moved over about six inches, DUG ANOTHER HOLE & DUMPED !!! MAYBE NOT NEW DEER-FEED, BUT MAYBE A NEW KITTY-LITTER !!!
    Y'all better head back this way if the SNOW is flying in the mountains, it'll be there before long !!!!
    Have you been to WallyWorld and got your Christmas tree, yet !!!! Be Valentine's next week !!!!
    Please, laugh a lot, hug a lot and try to have a HAPPY DAY !!!!

  9. That is really weird about the stitch left in your eye...I bet you were miserable! Neat photos from the game cam. They are very clear!

  10. Got new glasses also a couple of months ago and wow is everything clearer! Enjoyed the shots of the fawn and doe and the game camera did its job well.

  11. Great photos! Just got new lenses myself... in old glasses from several years ago that turn out to be more stylish than the new ones I'd been wearing.