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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fun Visit to a Bass Pro Shop

Bill & I aren't big shoppers - Tractor Supply, Lowe's and Wal-Mart pretty much takes care of our needs.  We do like to browse through any Cabela's often just to see what's on the market these days.  Not too far from our hotel just outside of Baltimore, Maryland there is another outdoor store...  a Bass Pro Shop.  
 We've been to a couple others... I think one in Oklahoma and one in Florida, but it's been a while, so we thought we'd stop by and check it out.

The inside is a sportsman's delight!
 I'm sure visions of being dropped by float-plane into some remote area of Alaska flits through many a head when they look up to see this plane overhead.  Makes one feel "the call of the wild".

The display of wild animals is impressive.  
 This display doubles as a "climbing wall"...  on the backside there are ropes and toe-holds and all the equipment it takes to scale a wall.  The "man" you see at the center top isn't real.

  This photo is for my friend, Joanie, who lives in Ohio.
 Don't think she fishes, but thought she'd like the sign anyway.

Canoes, Fly fishing, creels...  A room of history...
 This photo is of FDR enjoying a fishing outing.
There were photos in this room of several other US Presidents trying their hand at fly fishing, as well as displays of other "old fashion" fishing equipment.

Along the walls, near the ceilings, were many diaramas - depicting an outing on a river....
 Or a Camping Trip....
 A person could almost smell the blueberry pancakes or the fresh caught trout cooking over the fire.

And...  speaking of trout... 
There was a huge aquarium with gigantic trout swimming around....

They sell kayaks, canoes, boats from 1-man size up to a whole charter.  Bass Pro Shops offer classes in all kinds of outdoor endeavors...  everything from how to tie a fly (that's a real art in itself) to outdoor survival.  (I guess that's a real art as well).  It's been a while since I've done any serious canoeing...  even longer since I've done any fishing...  but I really enjoyed wandering through the store and seeing what all they had.

This ugly guy was blocking one of the aisles...
We learned yesterday that the Longshoreman's Union is on strike and while our cruise is still set to sail this afternoon, there will be some inconveniences and some delay.  
I'm going to look a lot like my friend pictured above if it doesn't happen.

That's All For Today!


  1. Jim's favorite store. I can expect him to be gone for hours when he disappears in there. Fingers crossed that nothing stops the cruise.

  2. HaHa! You're too funny. I doubt you'd look quite like that! LOL. Fun post.

  3. The store near here has a full sized stuffed bull elephant just inside the front door. It is huge!!! and very impressive. I, too, love that store. It has everything a sportsman or outdoor person would want and more.

  4. It's great entertainment just wandering down these aisles...
    I'm not outdoorsy, but I can understand the lure.

  5. I love going in Bass Pro Shops ... I can get lost just sitting and looking at the aquariums. Great respite while traveling. AND Little Rock is adding a Bass Pro... should be about finished.... seems I read Fall of 2013... well? here we are... my allergies tell me so

  6. We love the Bass Pro Shop. Fun post!

    Hope you set sail with NO problems!

  7. Great photos. The photos of FDR are often of him, seated. He was opposed to being photographed in anything that eluded to his disability. I'd say he was one of the greatest, disability or no. Thanks for the Bass Pro Shop visit.

  8. We were in a Cabela's for the first time and it was similar to this Bass Pro shop right down to the live fish and stuffed animals displays...lots of them. We didn't buy anything but sure had fun looking around.