Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, October 26, 2013

In NY but not quite caught up....

We disembarked yesterday morning...  I still have a couple of blogs to do - St John, New Brunswick and Halifax, Nova Scotia...  we didn't have internet access for a few days.

Got off the ship in Baltimore around 8am...  took a taxi back to our hotel to pick up our car and got on the road by 9am.  Our destination for the day (yesterday) was Marlboro, NY....  got here around 3pm. That's where our daughter and son-in-law live, as well as our granddaughter and great-granddaughter.

Of course I'll have a ton of family photos before we leave.  I did try to get caught up on blogs I read - can't miss out on what's happening with my blogging family ;-)

One blog I read was Mitch's, who lives in Spain.  I don't know how to link to that, or I'd do that, so...  if you like reading about his adventures you can always check the blogs I read that are listed alongside my own.

Anyway...  he had a link to an old Rosemary Clooney music and dancing scene... which brought back some memories from the 50's for me.  Evie, our great-granddaughter, who just turned 2 years old a couple of weeks ago, came over to see what I was doing...
Evie was just mesmerized by the performance....
I think I played it 3 times - and know she could have watched it several times more.
Mitch's comments were about it being "campy"...  yeah... maybe so, but Evie just loved it...  and so did I!

We're about to head off to the park...  maybe fly kites if it's windy enough.
Maybe back to the cruise later...

Thanks, Mitch, for the memories...  wait a minute...  that's Dinah Shore, isn't it?

That's All For Today!

(Later...  Judy reminded me that it was Bob Hope who has the memories...  now that I think about it, I believe Dinah wanted us to see the USA in our Chevy...  oh well... it's been a LONG week!  Thanks Judy for helping me out)


  1. I thought it was Bob Hope who always sang "Thanks for the Memories.."

  2. Enchanted and enchanting little girl. I wonder what she will grow up to be.

  3. You sure have a cute great-granddaughter. Bet you are really proud of her.

  4. Evie has a wonderful profile .. and I like Rosemary Clooney, a lot. NOW .. I'll be singing ... come onna my house come on ... hahaaaa... gonna buy you can n dy... that two songs? ... I am not going to google... going to a Chili Fight ... rain and all...

  5. That is an iconic picture of modern youth:) I think is was Bob Hope, but that sure was a long time ago-not that I would remember:)

  6. Even for me, some of that old stuff is new again!

  7. LOL! I love that Evie loves the video. It's always such a surprise to see what music and visuals kids respond to. And I'm so glad to have brought back good memories for you. Yes, it was surprisingly campy, but I loved it too (in spite of and because of that, I guess). Wasn't "Thanks for the Memory" Bob Hope's signature song? Now I've got THAT playing in my head... Another blog post?

  8. I, too love that Evie loves the video and the music. It's my thought that she'll remember that a long long time; because I remember listening to early 20th century music with my Grandpa - I still get nostalgic when I hear some all these years later. "Let's take an old-fashioned walk. I'm just bursting with talk. What a tale could be told if we went ........"

  9. Howdy Sharon & Bill,
    Glad y'all are off of the boat and back on solid ground... That little darlin' is so cute and started in the 'right' direction, movies, computers and all... I worked at a DRIVE-IN movie theater back in the 50s, when all of the FIRST RUN movies were being shown, most of which I never saw because of working and watching the 'sweater-babes'...
    Enjoyed the cruise and Bill's WIND-FIGHT.... Have a good time with the family....