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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Tale to Tell... The Storiebook Cafe with George and Suzie

I follow lots of blogs and sometimes, just sometimes, someone we know crosses our path.  Last November we were here in Texas and met George and Suzie Yates.  I'd been following George's blog (Our Awesome Travels) and saw that they were staying at a nearby RV resort.  We got in touch and ended up having a great time over lunch one afternoon.

Well...  George and Suzie are on their way back to Ontario...  we're back at our daughter's before heading east...  George and Suzie are back at the resort, so once again we are here in Glen Rose at the same time.

We made arrangements to meet and have another go at lunch again.  George shows his wonderful grilled meals in his blog but everyone needs to eat out now and then.  Besides, our daughter told us about a lovely little restaurant in Glen Rose...

The Storiebook Cafe....  A Novel Experience
 We talked with the owner who told us she started the place as a bookstore and had coffee and sandwiches as a side business.  The bookstore wasn't as popular as the food, so she converted it to a restaurant that also sells books.

That's George, holding the door open for Suzie, in pink, and Bill.  Of course I'm always lagging behind taking pictures....
 You can tell the weather has warmed up since we arrived here a couple of weeks ago.

The outside of the place was a joy to look at...  lots of colorful patio furniture, many story-book characters and other decorations.  But, oh my!  the inside!
 Just delightful!
Shelves and shelves of books!  
Even one of those library ladders to reach the upper shelves.

Not only books...  but storybook dolls....  and animals....  and lots of teapots.  
Right now the place is decorated for Easter.  Lovely displays the Easter Bunny would be proud of!
There is a notebook on each table...  customers are asked to sign in or leave a message.  

There are several rooms in all, but the main dining room was my favorite...
We got there just before noon, but by the time we left, I believe folks were seated at all these tables.

The menu is mostly soups and sandwiches...   
That's Bill, Me, Suzie and George....  
The servings were more than ample...  and oh, so good!

We spent quite a while just talking and catching up on everything.  George and I read many of the same blogs and he's had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of his blogging friends.  While we have many Canadian friends, I had never had anyone explain to me some of the regulations that apply to Canadians traveling in the USA (or other countries).  Very interesting!  

All too soon it was time to go.  
Aren't these metal flowers on the fence outside lovely?

Yes, we did have a "Novel Experience"....  and were so happy to share it with our friends.
Thanks, George & Suzie!

That's All For Today!


  1. Looks like Bill's drink came in a mason jar. Since I travel solo, it's always nice to break bread with friends. :)

  2. What a great little restaurant and so very unique. Great way to spend time with friends.

  3. Good friends and good food, two wonderful things, both to be enjoyed and savored.

  4. Looks like a cool place to eat! I think your friends had dinner with Croft and Norma from CroftsMexico the other day!

  5. What a sweet restaurant. And, what a lovely bunch of bluebonnets in your header.

  6. You hear many great stories when bloggers meet. George and Suzie would be extra special just because they are Canadians!!!

  7. Looks like a lovely place. I've had the opportunity to meet several bloggers. In fact, for the past two years a group of us meet on Vashon Island, near Seattle, for a weekend of fun, friendship, and a little bit of blogging. The blogosphere really is a community.

  8. What a wonderful lunch and visit we had. Glad we were able to meet up again. So much to talk about and so little time.

  9. Looks like an awesome place. I would love to see it.

  10. Love the decor. Sharing a meal with friends is the best! We've had dinner every Friday night for years with our friends Sharon & Mike--it's the highlight of our week!

  11. How fun was that?? Looks like a great place to meet with friends. It's very charming.

  12. Always fun to run into fellow bloggers! That restaurant/bookstore looks like my kind of place!

  13. That sure is one interesting looking restaurant. Bookshop??

  14. Cozy and wonderful! I'd love it there!