Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Sunless Day Here in Texas

I feel like I've made a lot of progress in the past couple of days with this blogging thing. (no, that's NOT a substitute for a popular adjective...  I really mean "this blogging thing").  I still see other people's blogs that I admire...  nice headers that look like they're in a picture frame....  nice use of colors for background and type...  different fonts....  Just a lot of stuff that I hope to fine-tune on this one.

Another thing I have no clue about...  Blog Etiquette.

If a person comments on your blog should you reply?  If so, do you do that personally or privately.

And... speaking of such... I am happy to see that I have some followers!  Yes!  Donna K and her husband have signed on for the duration!  Thank You....  Donna has been helpful to me... especially with her encouragement to keep at it.  My very first follower was my faithful husband Bill.  He became a follower before I even knew how to add that button to my page. 

Today is kind of overcast and dreary....  Bill's hard at it outside again...  maybe clearing brush, maybe fixing the deer feeder...  I'm not sure.  But I knew I wanted to get out of the rig for a few hours.  As usual, when I want to see the countryside, I go Geocaching.

I go loaded for bear!  I have my street pilot Nuvi to find my way around, and my Garmin 60CS to find the cache.  I'll just say this before anyone points it out... Yes, I was driving at 40mph when I took this picture....  but even you can see that there's no traffic ;-)

I had my maps and pretty much knew where I was headed...  except for the George's Creek cache.  Turned out it was the hardest...  not to find the location, but to retrieve the cache box from the other side of the fence.  The others I found are part of an intense, almost power trail, of caches (nearly 200 in all) located along the backroads about 20 miles fromhere.  Most of the ones I've found are hidden at the entry gates of gas/oil sites.  They can rage from itty-bitty ones to ... well, bigger.

My goal was to find 4 caches in all (I found 6) because I wanted our total caches found to be 1,800.   So, now that we have 1,802 caches, I'll be chomping at the bit to reach 1,900.  I can be a bit obsessive about my caching.

I didn't take any cache pictures today..  most were fairly "ho-hum"...  but, I did come across an unsavory character whom I got rather concerned about....

He was moving right along...  right towards me at first.  He didn't appear rabid or anything (although they can carry rabies without seeming sick)...  but while I think he sensed my presence,  he apparently didn't think I was a threat.  Because...  as you can see....  he just kept on walking.  (that last picture makes me think of  "Travels With Emma"....  she often closes with "The End".

I do have a bit of news today.  The company that makes the software that Bill uses for his genealogy records has been holding conferences each year on a cruise ship.  They choose a cruise that lasts only a week and the ship is at sea 3 of those days so they can have workshops, seminars, etc. but the participants can still enjoy some vacation time.

In the past we've gone to Aruba, the Mexican Riviara, Pueto Rico and other places in the Caribbean.  Well...  he got the word yesterday...  This year the cruise is going to sail the Inside Passage to Alaska!  Whoopee!!!
Bill & I took the ferry up the same route in 2001...  but, believe me...  it was NOT a cruise ship.  Don't get me wrong... it was wonderful, and viewing the wildlife and birds from the ship was fantastic.  But this will be a whole nother experience!  That will be this coming September.

I did go outside and locate Bill...
He likes the BIG toys!  Here he is doing what he absolutely loves...  playing in the dirt!

That's All For Today......


  1. Glad that polecat didn't view you as a threat!! That would not be a fun way to end a geocaching day. My goodness, you have found a lot of them.

    Russ and I have cruised the Inside Passage twice and absolutely loved it. We went in September and the weather was great. Hope you have a wonderful time.

    As for replying to comments - I don't think there are any "rules". Some people reply by email (if the commenter shows an email), some reply in their own comments section, and some don't reply at all. I do a little of all of the above. The important thing is to NOT let the blog rule your life. You could spend hours writing, reading, and replying instead of living! Do what you feel comfortable with.

  2. Your blog is looking very nice and I can tell you have the hang of it now...Is Bill a genealogist by trade, or as a hobby??and what kind of software does he use?? I've been working on our family's roots when I was home...Keep up the great bloggin!!!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I live in a 24' motorhome, I have thought about the Wii, but I don't have a TV, yet. I'm sure sure if I have enough room to move around to do indoor exercises, I am taking out the dinette next month, so that should make the aisle wider. You are doing good on the blog, I learned as I went along with mine, adding things as I have discovered them.

  4. You're doing great, Mom! You are a wonderful writer and photographer, both very helpful in the blogging world! I have never "followed" a blog before, I'll have to figure out how to do that now! Are you still knitting? You could post pics of your projects! :-)
    SOOOO excited that you guys are cruising to Alaska! Awesome!
    Love to you both, one of the members of the "Donna club"