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Friday, February 17, 2012

An Honest Answer...

Our youngest grandchild Natalie, is 19 years old.  Due to various circumstances she's never had a job.  Recently she started her journey out into the "real world" and began looking for a real, honest-to-goodness paying job.  The area where she lives is about 50 miles from any city of size, but there are the usual fast-food, big box, hardware stores about 20 miles from her home.

We've all been through the routine....  get the application, fill it out as honestly as you can, write a resume and send or take it all over town.  Then...  hope you get an interview.

Natalie's mom  coached her by asking her the kinds of questions that companies ask...  and she impressed on her to be honest and open in her answers.

Yesterday, Natalie had a job interview with Lowe's Hardware & Lumber...  the interview was at 10am.

Bill & I have our motorhome parked at the edge of Natalie's family (our daughter & son-in-law) yard and are here most of the day.

We know when the interview is and are kind of antsy about Natalie's return.

Early afternoon she pulls in...  and she comes over to our rig.  I'm asking her how the interview went and what kinds of stuff they asked.... 

She said they asked her if she had any retail experience.

And she said...  "Well, I sold Girl Scout Cookies".

Natalie starts work next week.

They loved her sense of humor....  Best Wishes, Natalie on your new job!


  1. Loved the post! SO cute. Her selling cookies statement told them volumes about her. First it told them she could think fast on her feet, that she uses her head for something besides a hat rack. Also it told them she could work with others, understanding a common goal. It informed them that she probably understood the importance of the bottom line. And lastly that she didn't mind wearing a uniform to work in!

  2. That a great answer. My granddaughter is doing that very thing this weekend! I'll have to tell her about this post. Girl Scouts teaches girls a lot. Good luck Natalie - keep smiling that beautiful smile!

    P.S. You might want to consider taking word verification off your blog. I had to try several times before I got it right. Rick Doyle has a great post on how to remove word verification. ♥♥

  3. Great answer. I have been self employed since I was 25. This month I applied for a job at the National Parks and had to do several phone interviews. I got the job so I guess I answered correctly, but I was not ready for the questions.

  4. Quick thinking....her smile will go along way. She just glows. Good Luck

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)