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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Learning Curve is Becoming a Topo Map

Donna K, another Blogger (I have to put initials here because I know 2 ...  or maybe 3 "Donna" bloggers...  AND...  my daughter is also a Donna) recently published a really great post on collages.  I've been wanting to learn how to do this since I've seen some real nice presentations of groups of photos on other blogs.

I probably didn't do one thing that Donna said to do because I still haven't learned how to print out a blog ....  BUT....  with Bill's help, we downloaded "Picasa" today.  (Bill checked to see how much memory it would suck up...  decided it was okay...  and now...  VOILA!...  I have Picasa on my laptop).

So for the past couple of hours I've been checking out this program.  First of all, as you may guess, I take thousands of photos.  I have my "big" camera with the big, heavy lenses,  and I have a Canon Powershot that will fit in my pocket.  Okay... truth is... I have 2 of these.  I dropped one a couple of months ago and some of the functions don't work anymore, but I can still use it for a back-up.  Then... I have 2 game (motion sensitive) cameras that take pictures on on their own.  If I there is a weed blowing in the wind right in front of the lens, I have had a whole 4GB memory card be totally full ...  over a thousand pictures of that stupid weed.  Since I use at least 3 of these cameras every day I am on "photo overload".

My problem is that I'm too possessive.  I keep WAY too many pictures.  I'm not sure why...  maybe I know there's a moose behind that tree...  so what if you can only see his hiney?

But...  back to the collage thing.  So much of the time I'd like to group pictures together to tell a story...  guess I'm an organizer at heart... 

Since all 456 folders (with ALL their various pictures in each folder) downloaded into Picasa, I thought I'd give this a shot.

Attempt #1

OKAY!!!!  This took me about a half hour to figure out how to get it from Picasa into this blog.    I should have written down what I was doing as I went, except there were so many false attempts that might have been pointless.

I took these pictures at Santa Ana NWR, near McAllen, Texas last month.  By the way... (clockwise)  that's a green jay, a chachalaca, then there's Bill standing on a bridge that was a Boy Scout Project in 2002/2003.  Bill helped with the initial layout and early construction.  Next picture is of the completed bridge .  And, finally an armadillo nosing around in the brush.

Attempt #2

This is the demolition of an old power plant near Caribou, Maine.  This time I used borders between the pictures. 

Attempt #3
A clean-up of an environmental incident, also in Maine.  Drums of roofing tar had been dumped in an old gravel quarry....  All kinds of agencies got involved before this was over.  Unfortunately the persons who dumped it were not found.  This has several more pictures, but all that does is reduce the size of the photos... doesn't make the collage any bigger.... 

Looking at the clock, I see I've been at this just under 3 hours.  I know I have a lot to learn, but I'm sort of like Jack, the bulldog.....   tenacious!  Hang in there with me...  I'll do better!

By the way, it was 29 degrees when we got up this morning...  it's all the way up to 43 degrees at 3pm.   No sunshine at all today...   I swear it looks like it could snow!  In Texas?

The learning curve continues...   but...  All for Today....


  1. Sharon, it did snow this morning in Bandera/Medina. I could not believe my eyes. It is fun working on the collages, isn't it? I am sure many more than 3 hours will be spent all in all. No problem, what else is there to do today in this miserable day?

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  2. I'm getting better at deleting photos, I had over 2000 pictures in my iPhone the first month I owned it, had to delete many and then transfer the "keepers" to my computer.

  3. Kudos to you on your first collages! You're a fast learner :)!! I also have a problem deleting photos. I tell myself...all I need to do is lighten it up a bit...or...maybe I can use that sky in another picture...or it just needs a little color correction...on and on it goes. I think we have an attachment to photos because we created that file with our camera (even though we didn't make the tree or the river!!). I don't know...I'm just glad I don't have to buy film and pay for processing.

    And that's WAAAY too cold. Brrrrr....

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