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Monday, February 20, 2012

Bad Day at Black Rock

Okay...  truth is...  NO mysterious stranger came to town...  It's just that the last 3 days have been kind of crappy.  (That's NOT the word I use around the house...  those that know me KNOW that)... 

Started Friday...  the drive to Ft Worth wasn't bad... we found the medical ctr with no problem.  Got there...  they said...  You're 3 hours late...  no time to do the tests.  WHAT!!!  Bill dragged out the stuff he got in the mail. (He's SO efficient!  No kidding!  He really is, and that's a good thing)...  They figured out that whoever sent all the paperwork saying what you do/don't do before a stress test made a whopper of a mistake and told us the wrong time. 

Let me make it perfectly clear here....  it's BILL who's having the stress test...  I'M the one who's spazzing out due to the inefficiency of the >*&^%%  office person. 

Anyway, they worked in the echosonogram... but .... Bless their hearts... (see, I've learned a few Southern terms since leaving Ohio...  (you wanna know what I'd'a said back then?).....  they rescheduled him for Monday (today) for the stress test.

Let's back up a little...  all this really isn't about me...  Bill had an annual check-up and after at least 10 years of an irregular heart-beat our new doctor thinks this bears checking out.  Well, no s...  , hey, I want to keep him around a LONG time and we'll do whatever it takes.  We changed from our Ohio doctors (what can you do when 1 retires and the other one dies?)...  to doctors here in Texas.  Our daughter lives near Ft Worth and we're here at least a few weeks of each year...  the perfect place to get "relocated".

And actually we have found a family doctor in Granbury that we both like (I'm partial to osteopaths)....  and...  he has a clinic where he has specialists from Ft Worth for those quirky things that go wrong with us.

So...  enter the cardiologist.  I don't think either of us are really concerned over this...  if you ever watched Bill working with a shovel...  or a backhoe...  or really everything he does almost every day, you'd know he could put a guy 30 years younger than him to shame.

Anyway...  his EKG does show up some irregularities... bears checking out.  We both strongly believe in preventative medicine...  

So...  Friday we do the Ft Worth thing...  but let's return back to Glen Rose.  We're at our daughter's house...  her husband is in the oil/gas business... works abroad several months of the year.  He's been home for the holidays and is about to return to his foreign job. 

The weekend is kind of bittersweet......  too much to do before he goes...  his kids visit....  we're all kind of on overwhelm.  Our daughter is handling it all very well...  but let's face it...  it's hard.

Come Monday...  Bill & I head back to Ft Worth...  he does the 4 hour stress test thing.  (okay, so I go geocaching while he's doing that ;-).....  He gets done about noon today...  I ask him how it went.  Neither of us had a clue about what to expect...   He tells me he had about 15 minutes of actual testing... but...  he can't get through an airport check-in for 3days because now he's radioactive.  WHAT???   Okay, we really aren't planning on going anywhere, but what the heck is THIS about?   They really did give him a card to give to airport security if he's flying anywhere to explain about him being shot full of radioactive stuff for the test.

I'm trying real hard not to laugh my you know what off at this point.... 

We go to a Barnes & Noble...  I get my book fix (bought "The Help") and we headed home.  (books and reading are my answer to all kinds of problems)

Oops... forgot...  stopped at the H.E.B. and bought some sushi for dinner...  that and a glass of wine was dinner tonight. 

Now...  do you understand why the last three day haven't been the greatest?  Maybe tomorrow I'll do that great blog on the history of Glen Rose that I had planned...  it really is worth writing about...  honest!   I'll even include pictures....

All for Today....


  1. Wow, I think you both need to chill out with another glass of that wine. Sounds like enough to stress anyone. Hope Bill's test results are fine.

  2. Hope the test results are good. I saw an ad for workamping in Glen Rose, it looked like an interesting place.

  3. I sure hope all the test results are OK. Life has a way of throwing us those curveballs and when mistakes are made, the stress sure piles on top of it. Hang in there! I will look forward to reading the blog of Glen Rose.

    Just BS!(Bob and Sue)

  4. Hope the tests come out fine! You will love The Help.