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Monday, February 6, 2012

My Learning Curve is More Like a Spiral...

I have struggled much more than I'd like to admit to write a blog.  Okay... it's NOT the writing that has had me stymied...  even the picture part hasn't been THAT bad (but I still want to learn how to make a collage of pictures.....), and while those efforts have been passable, (not perfect... passable), I have been really unhappy with my efforts at the design and layout.

I've had lots of encouragement from the Donnas (thank you)...  and I got a comment from Judy, the bird lady a couple of weeks ago about blogs. 

Well...  it finally clicked what she was said.  It just never occurred to me that you couldn't manipulate all the different templates.  (hmmm...  I guess that's what templates actually are, though)...  and then yesterday I went to the "simple" design.  Heck... I should have known THAT would be the one for me!

I've had all manner of fun since THAT light bulb went on!  I've learned real important terms like "widget" and "gadget"....   even words like "Navbar" and "Favicon"... WOW!  (okay, I'm really not sure what those last two terms mean... yet)

I don't think I've mastered how to allow people to follow my blog, but give me time.....

I've enjoyed "lurking" (reading other people's blogs sort of incognito) for a couple of months or so, but this blogging thing has finally become fun.  Yes!

Just so I won't forget how to insert a photo...
Here's Bill and daughter, Celeste with the birthday fruit cookie she made him. 

That's All for Today....

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  1. Okay, you figured out how to add followers - and now I IS one hahaha!! Hang in there, it's a process and we all went through it. The picture looks great and you are making progress. You're gonna have fun!!