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Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2, 2012 Day Trip to Ft Worth

Bill has been working nearly every day with Victor on the new garage.  I thought it was time to take a break, and since tomorrow's Bill's birthday I wanted to go in to Ft Worth to do some shopping.  My Amazon order came yesterday, so I was ready for the big trip.

The new (6th) Edition of the National Geographic Field Guide to Birds was published recently and I knew Bill would like the latest copy.. 

But as much as he loves this field guide, it CAN be improved...
Same book...  only "Before" and "After".  When we first purchase the book, we don't even open it until we take it to Kinko's and have the original binding cut off...  holes punched in and have it spiral bound.  (It is harder to do this on books that have been used as they develop a curve in the spine and it makes them hard to cut evenly)
Now the book can lay flat and stay opened to the page you want.  We've had this done to field guides for years and love the convenience.  Okay...  bring on the birds!

So now you know what Bill got for his birthday present... (don't tell him...  but I plan to bake the cake tomorrow...)

The trip to Kinko's was one of my main reasons for the trip to Ft Worth.  But also we needed to make a trip to Cabela's.  I know a lot of women would give their eye teeth for a trip to a Neiman-Marcus.  Nuh-uh...  give me a trip to Cabela's anyday! 

Cabela's is a fabulous outdoor/sporting goods store.  They are based out of Nebraska, but now have stores in about a dozen other states as well.  Whenever we are anywhere close to one we always stop; in fact, they are very RV friendly and we've stayed overnight in more than one Cabela parking lot.

I bought our Moultrie Game Camera at the Cabela's in Scarbourgh, Maine.  We used it some, but then were on the road  until last week. I had it packed away.  Got it out...  and...  nothing.  For some reason it just quit working.  We knew about the Cabela's store just north of Ft Worth and that we could take it back there for an exchange.  They have a great Customer Service Department and all but bend over backwards to have satisfied customers.

Cabela's stores are basically the same...  the areas around the store let you know, without a doubt, that you are in an OUTDOORS store...
Actually, each Cabela's store has some piece of sculpture that is indicative of that particular area of the USA.  This one has an outdoorsman roping an elk.  All around the store's entrance are stacked kayaks, canoes and boatsof all kinds.  You might see ATVs or other means to get around in the boonies. 
The interior of the stores can vary, but, believe me, if it's ANYTHING that can be used outdoors, they probably have it.  Camping equipment, hunting, archery, fishing, clothing, and more than I can even think of.  They even have outdoorsy-type furniture for lodges, cabins or if you just want that rustic look.

BUT...  the showcase of most Cabela's is...
A HUGE... usually 2 stories high...  display of  "stuffed" animals in their natural habitat.  This is a display worthy of being in a Natural History Museum.  Every type of animal native to the USA is showcased.  They even have trout pools with live fish.
This moose stands about 6' high (or more) and is part of the display.  Each animal (and even the trees and other flora) have plaques telling you what they are.
I liked this black bear robbing a beehive.  Those are "bees" all over his head and shoulders.  How realistic can you get!

I could post about a hundred pictures or more of various animals, but will move on to another area of the store...
This store has a huge room that is filled with displays of animals either native to Texas or ones that have been introduced for various reason.  Hunting is a huge sport here and there are many game preserves that import exotic animals for the sport. 
There are numerous diaramas of wildlife...  like this bull elk bugle-ing ...
And how about these wild turkeys...  and bighorn sheep?  I think there's even an orxy in the background (one of those imported critters)..

But one of the most impressive things about this room is...
The TROPHY BUCK displays.  This display is of bucks with "unusual" antlers.  That buck on the left was killed over 60 years ago...  There is a "Boone and Crocket" organization that records the sizes of antlers.  These hold the record for being the 6th largest rack in the world.  All of the walls are lined with trophies such as these.

Whether you're a hunting avocate or are totally anti, I'd think you'd have to be impressed with the whole store.  Some Cabela's have aquariums and fish displays.  This one might, but I guess I was too busy looking at everything to check it out.

Living in an RV,  we really don't have room to collect and store large items.
What better souvenier to collect than a smashed penny?  Cost you 51c (and you get the 1c back...  smashed flat)...  I love it that all the Cabela's have a smashed penny machine with the penny depicting that particular store.

And...  lots of the stores even have a sit-down restaurant.  The menu at this restaurant featured elk, bison, or wild boar burgers as well as the usual restaurant food....
That's my elk burger on the left, and Bill's bison burger on the right.  We split the french fries ;-)  We enjoyed our nice, tasty lunch.

So...  I got my camera exchanged...  we spent a couple hours wandering around the store, and even had lunch...

I bought one item...
A tee-shirt

If you can't read it I'll tell you... it says...
"I Like It Here"

And then we headed back to Glen Rose.

That's All for Today...

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