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Monday, February 27, 2012

Who Let the Ducks Out?

Bill and I were heading back from Ft Worth today and what should appear before our very eyes?
Oh No!  The Good Luck Duck !

Can it be?  Did they give up traveling and go into the used car business?  Tell me it isn't so!

I mean...  this thing is HUGE!  Maybe it flew clear over to Ft Worth from the other side of Texas...  I bet if it IS the Good Luck Duck it will come to its senses real fast and head for warmer weather.

I know my family won't have a clue about what THAT'S all about, but if any blogging friends read this, they'll know ;-)

Now...  the reason we were in Ft Worth was for Bill's appointment with the cardio doctor.  I'm sure you all know the hoops we have to jump through to get doctor appointments, lab tests etc. In December our family doctor heard a slight heart murmur, and the subsequent EKG showed an irregular heartbeat.  Bill couldn't get to see the cardio doc until late January, so we left Glen Rose and stayed a few weeks in the Valley...  enjoying the birding and all the other things the Valley has to offer.

Back to Glen Rose for the cardio doc...  then another few weeks until the stress test and echo sonagram.  Then another couple of weeks before the cardio doc could see him with the results.

I will add here that this was not an emergency ...  Bill has had no indication of any problems.  And, finally, today, after waiting over an hour to see the doctor, the doc spent less than 10 minutes telling Bill that everything is fine.  He's probably had the murmur forever and we all have stuff go on in our bodies that are normal for us. 

So, while we weren't really worried about this, we both wanted to rule out any problems.  Which has been done....  and I am thankful. 

NOW...  we're where most of you bloggers were last November.  Where will we go and how will we spend the winter?  I know that March is upon us, but we don't have to be in Maine until June (talked with Kirk today... they got 18" snow...  expecting more tonight) so we have March, April and May to play around....  somewhere.

We have a few ideas...  guess we'll see what we come up with.

That's All For Today....


  1. Uncle Kwaks!! He was selling cars in Kansas last I knew, then tornado season came 2010 and I hadn't heard from him since. You know how ducks hate tornadoes, and now you know why.

    The Good Luck Duck

  2. Where to go is the hardest part of RVing, not all of the other things I was worried about. Its foggy and drizzly today so I am sitting here planning/writing out a schedule to get to my daughters house and then to my job by April 11th.

  3. Glad Bill got good news from the doctor. Best to know for sure that everything's okay.

  4. wow! Ft. Worth! You are almost in my neck of the woods! ;)