Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, February 24, 2012

Windy Friday

Hmmmm...  not sure if I mean the weather outside or my wordy blogs...  but the beautiful warm day (tee shirt and sandals!!!) of yesterday is still beautiful today, but very windy and cold.  The sun is shining, though, and that makes a world of difference.

As I've written before, I have a couple of game cameras at various locations on our daughter's property.  I never know what will show up in the pictures the next day...  We've been visited pretty regularly by this fellow....

This grey fox comes around 8:00 in the evening, and makes another round through the yard around midnight.  He isn't interested in the deer feed or corn...  I have a feeling he's more interested in the rabbits and other critters who do come to feed.  Since the cameras record the time each photo is taken, I've noticed that the cottontails and the fox's visits are farily close together.  Guess Brer Rabbit better be on the lookout!

Deer come around day or night.  There can be as many as 16 around the feeders at a time.
The "daytime" photos are nice if you want to see detail...


The "nighttime" pictures show the drama. Don't you just love the expression on that doe?  I had no idea that these different species would chow down so close together....

Another thing I like about my game cameras is when they catch birds in flight...
Although this isn't terribly clear, it shows details of the feathers that usually I just don't catch
The camera caught these two cardinals having a bit of a skirmish.

I know we see sights such as this every day, but I'm seldom quick enough with my camera to actually snap a picture of the action.

I haven't even seen a spotted towhee nor a brown thrasher since we've been here, so when the camera caught these guys, I know I should be getting out more to see what else is here.

I saw this the other day....
I don't have a cactus field guide and don't know what species it is...  but it's almost flat to the ground...  It was actually quite beautiful...  this one measured about 8" across.  I see a new field guide in my future....

Well, we finally got our last 1099 in yesterday's mail...  and today we got our tax stuff sent off to our CPA back in Ohio.  It's always a relief to get that out of the way.  Guess it's really not over until we send it to the IRS... 

And when the IRS is the big news of the day, I KNOW it's time to close !!!!

That's All for Today....


  1. Do you use the motion sensitive cameras when you are in a campsite? It's great that you can catch photos of the wildlife that way.

  2. How interesting to see what happens when we are not around. I love your pictures.

  3. What fabulous photos! I love the face on that deer - I got a picture of a squirrel and some quail feeding together, and that surprised me, too. You'd think the more aggressive animal would scare the others away.

    The bird photos are also beautiful. It would be fun to have a camera like that here in the desert to see what goes by the rig. :)