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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Little of This... A Little of That... and a Quiz

What can I say?

Week days are school days...  we're now into our 2nd month of classes.  While the newness of living in Sevilla has worn off, the delight in walking around the city and seeing all the ... well, everything...  has not worn off at all.  But classes are until 1:30 each day and by the time we walk home, it's 2pm...  lunch time.  We usually stay at the table a while after lunch and talk with Carlo, our host, and any other residents of the B&B who had their lunch at this time.

Today there were 3 high school seniors from Italy who are the latest current residents here.  It just amazes me how many languages people from other countries speak.  Kinda gives me a different perspective about education in the USA.

But what I was starting out to write is that by mid-week, if I haven't walked through the barrios, I get stuck on what to write about.  Sure.... I have some ideas...  even have some photos to illustrate..  but the brain is still on Spanish lessons and refuses to put a good blog together.

The weather is still "on and off" rain.... but it isn't as cold as it's been.  About time!
Walking home, after we cross the Isabel Bridge, we are now in the barrio, Triana (neighborhood)...  We feel really fortunate that we were placed here as it's not only within walking distance of the central part of Sevilla, but there's a certain ambiance, or atmosphere here that's quite comfortable.  People mingle in the plaza at all hours...  seems there's always something going on...
This statue is in a small area just after you cross the bridge and are entering Triana.  
We've passed by it numerous times and this is the first time I've stopped to take a photo.
This statue is about the flamenco...  which has its origins here.
I know it doesn't look the traditional Flamenco Dancer that we are used to, but Flamenco is also about the guitar music and the singing.  

We had just passed the statue and came across this truck...
I had to snap a picture of this for 2 reasons...
We've seen lots of Loomis trucks in the US, but it's the first one here.  Loomis is a security firm, the same as Brinks.  The other reason is for my friend, Joanie...  who has the last name of Loomis.  I have no idea if her husband was connected to this business, but every time I see a Loomis truck, I always think of her with pleasant thoughts.  Joanie has a great attitude towards life and always has a beautiful smile.

Now...  a quiz....
 As we wander around the streets I look at all the cars parked along the curbs.  I have never been particularly interested in automobiles, but it didn't take me long to realize that most of the vehicles I see are makes that I am just not familiar with.

There are a few logos in the above photo that I know, but have to admit that most I do not.  I may have cropped too much, but how many do you recognize?

Another thing...  I took maybe 2 dozen photos...  when I started creating that collage, I saw that I'd taken one "make" about a dozen times and didn't even notice.  Hey...  the cars were different colors...  what do you expect?

The rain is still "iffy"...  I still have homework...  It's time to get busy.  

That's All For Today!


  1. well, somehow I missed yesterday's post ... I think Sevilla is beautiful rain or no rain. I just enjoy walking along with you and Bill.

    Being a traveler, I can 'feel' the ambiance ~ the smells and that adorable waddling dog and so forth.

    That's the part of traveling I like... soaking in the local culture ~

    I know nothing about cars... except I want mine to always start.

  2. I recognize the Ford emblem! Probably because that's what we have.
    I love seeing all your photos. The street people are really interesting.
    Does your host family speak English or do you have to converse in Spanish all the time?

    1. Teri... Our host family is quite interesting. Carlo is Italian... speaks English, Italian, Spanish and ??? , Rosa is Spanish. She taught Portugese in Italy. She speaks several languages. Sara, their 20 year old daughter speaks Italian, Spanish and English, and is learning Japanese. We've found that most of their guests (like us) who stay at this B&B speak several languages... their native language, English, often Spanish, German or French. Bill & I are definitely in the minority... we speak English and poco Spanish. Shame on us!

      I'm like you, Carolyn... if my car starts I'm happy.

    2. It would be so awesome to speak another language. I really admire both of you for the time and effort you are putting into your classes.

  3. I don't have any interest in cars either, so I only recognized the two 'F' cars.

  4. Fun pics! Ah, flamenco-- I adore Spanish style guitar music, it's thrilling and soothing and sensual, all at once.

  5. Well, we own a Ford pickup so I recognize that one!

  6. Renault, Leon, Fiat, Peugeot, Toyota, Audi, Ford....there were 2 I didn't recognize.

    The pink blooms in your header picture are so spring!

  7. I recognized five of the cars. As far as the others, I have no idea...


  8. I'll bet you won't see any Chevy Impalas! It seems like you did an excellent job of planning your trip to get in just the right area for all your walks and exploring. I got to thinking about buckwheat pancakes today. I'll have to mix up a batch for supper.

  9. It seems to me that you always have an interesting day. Since I only started following your blog recently I was very surprised that you have been studying for two months! I know how you feel after your classes. It's pretty hard to unhook your brain from Spanish.

  10. Love your comments... Gay... WOW... you know 7 of them! One that wasn't very visible was Alfa Romero... which was on the lower left. I only know that because the words are on the logo (too little to see in my photo).... As to Chevy Impalas... hah! We do see VWs, some Jeeps and a few other SUV-like vehicles, but most are small... lots of Smart Cars. Red.. I'm afraid 2 months is just going to be the tip of the iceberg for my learning Spanish... but we'll leave here April 3, so I'll have to work at home on it.

  11. Top left, Renault, under that, ?. Center top (Leon?) & middle ? Bottom center, is pretty unmistakable ;-)
    Then Fiat (anohter easy one huh?) Peugeot, Toyota, Audi. (My RV is a ford, but still if you can't read Ford, you're in trouble! I've owned Toyotas & an Audi in the past)

    This was fun. Tried to google the ones I didn't know, but came up dry on that.