Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, March 8, 2013

Yo Gusta la Cerveza

It's Friday afternoon...  fin de semana.....  end of the week.

Enough of those Spanish Lessons....  we're going to a Flamenco performance this evening!

Years ago, before I met Bill, every Friday after work, my friends Jean, Rhonda and I would go to the "regular hangout" of the people we worked with and have a beer.  Kind of a time to relax, give a big sigh, and enjoy the company of friends away from the work place.

I felt kind of like that this evening...  a big sigh...  classes are over until Monday.  Bill and I walked into town to buy our tickets for this evening's performance, then looked for (and found) a geocache...  and now... we have an hour before we head back to town for the flamenco...


 Here's the beer of choice in Sevilla....

I don't think this is the brewery, but it may be the corporate office...
 It's just a few blocks from where we live.

A couple of miles from that big building is another big building..
and it has this huge structure strung on wires way up in the air..
Yep!  That's our little brewmaster sampling his wares....

CruzCampo is a pretty good beer... a little more bitter than the lagers I like, but really hits the spot on a Friday night at 
Fin de Semana.....

That's All For Today!


  1. I guess the rain stopped just in time for the weekend. Have fun and enjoy.

  2. I'm sure that sampling the native brews is one of the advantages of travel. Skoal!

  3. Time is flying! Have a great weekend.


  4. Ha - enjoy your beer! That's one beverage I have never cared for.