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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Twizy - not for everyone...

Yeah...  I'm getting kinda tired of the rain.

Woke up to rain at 6am.  Went to classes at 9am in the rain this morning...  walked home in the rain at 1:30.

Put my wet shoes and socks on the heat (?) register and put on dry, warm socks and different shoes.  

Haven't done a darn thing except read on my Kindle since lunch.

So..  Today's blog is short...

Remember that little electric car in a recent blog?  It's a Twizy...  made by Renault.  Totally electric...  price starts around 5,000 euros...  up to around 6,000 E.
Wonder where the mother-in-law sits?
The Twizy is even smaller than a Smart Car...  barely room for one person...  and that person better hadn't be very tall nor very wide.  The website says it seats 2, but I swear, I peeked inside and don't know how that can be.

This isn't a Twizy, but we saw this car parked at one of those electric kiosks yesterday (between rains).
There are special parking places just for electric cars.  When you first see them you think "handicap spot"...  but no... there is space for one, sometimes two vehicles and they have these posts to plug in your car.
Interesting, huh?

Bill and I are going to yet another Flamenco performance this evening.  Maybe tomorrow I'll have something more exciting to write about.

That's All For Today!


  1. Who would have known that you should have packed rubber boots for your trip? :)

    1. Judy, I'm beginning to think the waders would have been a good idea. I am learning the Spanish words for umbrella, raincoat, rain.... and a few words I shouldn't repeat here ;-)

  2. I think a person would have to be pretty limber to get in a Twizy too! I think I'd have a hard time. I sure hope you get some nice sunshine for the rest of your stay.

  3. Rain, rain, go away!!! There is no way I could get in and out of that Twizy. Not with this old body. They plug in their electric cars and in Montana in the winter we plug in our cars so the engine is warm and the car will start.

  4. As cute and cool as some of the smaller cars are, I mostly find that they're just too goofy looking to suit my tastes. I'm sure it's the old guy in me talking, but that's my little gripe on the subject.

  5. Since that car is so small it has no room for a motor so the mother-in-law has to push. (grin)

  6. I agree, it's so small I'll bet the mother-in-law has to push. LOL

  7. You make everything exciting. Spain has some different things to see and you tell us about them.

  8. I saw a Twizy in Sevilla with someone in the back "seat." Let's just say he looked cozy!