Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, March 16, 2013

On the Street Where We Live...

San Jacinto is the main street in the barrio of Triana.  While we live just off a side street (Alfareria) we walk along this street at least twice everyday...  sometime much more.  There's always something going here....  there is a pedestrian "mall" area where restaurants set their tables and chairs outdoors; there are shops selling everything from agua to zapatos...  and everything in between.

Sabados (Saturdays) the town square is hopping!  Today there was a vendor that we hadn't seen before...
This guy was selling camerones (shrimp).
Now we're used to using only one word for shrimp (camerone), but here, the size of the shrimp determines what you ask for.  These tiny little shrimp are camerone...  but if I wanted bigger ones... say for a shrimp cocktail or to grill, I'd buy gambas.
Interesting, huh?

Look at this motorcyclist...
 It looked like sacks of potatoes in those boxes, but...  can you imagine trying to maneuver your way through traffic with that load?  I'm afraid I'd have mashed potatoes by the time I got home.

We'd been walking quite a while so decided today to stop at a cafe/tavern and have a beer.  We chose this particular tavern because it has seating outside on the upper level.  
Kind of gave us a birds eye view of what was going on.

The view looking down into the plaza...
The street is blocked off just where that dark colored car is blocking the intersection....  The time is close to 2pm.  That's when most of the stores close for siesta...  the bars often remain open, but often don't sell food again until about 5pm.
Looking in a different direction... 
This street, Calle Betis, runs right along the river.  

And looking to where Betis curves around and meets San Jacinto..
You'll see more shops, restaurants...  and even a monument at the right side of the photo.

Looking straight down from our terrace restaurant... 
Look at all the people taking in the fresh air and the week-end ambience.  You'll see lots of kids..  lot of dogs...  and many, many people just enjoying life.

Looking up river from the terrace restaurant, you'll see the Tower of Gold on the left.
The 2 towers you see in the background are the North and South towers at Plaza de Espana.  That's where Parque Maria Luisa is located...  the park that I love so much.

Across the river is also the Cathedral... 
La Giralda Catedral 
(No, I didn't spell it wrong)
The Cathedral is tall enough that it's one of my landmarks to find my way around in the city of Sevilla.

And, of course, the Triana Market
 This Moorish structure is at the foot of the Isabel bridge.
(another landmark for me is in the background..  I call it my "Bob Building"...  fellow blogger Bob who writes "The Caretaker Chronicles" was always showing us construction in Austria.. and those cranes.  Hmmm..  sorry Bob that this makes me think of you :-     Maybe someday we'll be back here and see it when it's finished)
Look just above the dome on the left...

Inside the dome is another structure...
 Look!  The Empire State Building!
No, that's just my silly joke...  truth is, I don't know what that structure is.  I really didn't even notice that part of the tower until we were taking photos today.  Guess I'll have to research that one...

And, of course, my favorite bridge..
 The Isabel Bridge
We walk across this at least twice every day... often more.  It's quite beautiful, as are the views from the bridge (day and night).   The only thing... if it's raining and windy, the winds coming through here are enough to turn your paragua (umbrella) inside out!

Today, having such fantastic weather, the tour boats were packed!
 We've not taken a river tour so I'm not sure at all where they go.  But this group sure sounded like they were having a good time.

And.... one last picture .... 
Okay...  so he isn't wearing his western hat (which he left in Texas), but, by now, you all know who this is...  Yep!  That's my sweetie!
Bill...  on the rooftop terrace restaurant...  this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

That's All For Today!


  1. What a grand place to sit and watch the world go by. This has been one of my favorite posts of your time there.

  2. Here in Texas not far from me we have the San Jacinto monument depicting the battle ground of San Jacinto which the Texans defeated the Mexican army.

  3. I think I'd have a hard time adjusting to the siesta idea. Do you take siestas and stay up late or do you live like Americans every day?

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  5. A wonderful place to take photos from! Great looking pic of your sweetie!

  6. It's good to keep your bearings. When I went to school in Cleveland I stayed oriented downtown by the Terminal Tower.

  7. What a tour! I like seeing not only the ornate buildings but also the ordinary four story structures that line the streets.
    I see a green strip between the sidewalk and traffic lanes? Bicycle lanes I'm guessing?

  8. You sure had a great view from your restaurant perch. What a beautiful city. So many sights to make your eyes happy.

  9. Great walk! and what a sweetie you have ... I'm not covetous of your lifestyle... nope not me ... I've got a spinach salad... hah