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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Semana Santa Day 3

It rained yesterday and we didn't see any processions.  Again, we had an extra class in the afternoon, so by the time we were finished, we were ready to head home anyway.  Wednesday is our last day of classes and we'll be finished with our 2 month.

Since the weather was so miserable, I thought that today I'd just post some random photos I've taken in the past few days.  Most are street scenes..

Like this poor guy...  heading somewhere with his bottle...  He sure looked like he'd had a hard night.  And it was only 9:00 in the morning!

Easter is the time to wear your finest!
To be honest, I've never seen an Easter outfit quite like this before...
Short skirts or shorts worn with colorful tights and very high heels seem to be the top fashion statement this year.  

The bar where we take our half hour break between classes each day is also a restaurant of sorts.  Bill always has coffee here each day, but yesterday we had a couple of hours before our late afternoon class.  We saw that they had "new" menus posted all around the room.  
 Since we'd never eaten here before we're not sure if the prices have raised some this week for the week-long festivities.  I had a solomillo montadito; Bill had a atun pimento montadito... together they cost 5 euros.  Not bad for a great lunch!

Can't remember what Bill was looking at...
The girls at the table behind him are our Japanese friends.
Way in the back are 2 other classmates, Amber, from Toronto, and Nina, from Taiwan.

Saturday morning we were at the Supermercado.  This is a prime-time for shopping.
These carts belong to the people who are buying their groceries.  Nearly everyone walks here and folks pull along their own carts to get their groceries home.  Also, I find it interesting that many stores charge you a few cents for a bag.  Most people bring their own reusable bags to the stores.  Bill and I use either his backpack, or a plastic bag we've had since day one.
When I think of all the Wal-Mart bags I've seen along the streets and highways in the USA, it makes me wish they'd charge for their bags...  maybe folks would be more considerate.

 We ate out the other evening...
I don't know the name of this dish, but it was tiny shells...  like a very small clam.... in a delicious broth.  I think we sopped up the broth with about a loaf of bread... it was that good!

I haven't shown you my favorite entrepreneur for a while..
Here he is "The Duke of Edinburgh"

A couple days earlier he was... 
Tony the Tiger?
He is from Nigeria, but that's all we know about him.
He always has a smile and a wave.
I bet we're not the only folks who look for him on this corner.

After classes yesterday we started our walk home...
Procession is canceled due to rain...
Guess it's time to get those instruments home before the rain gets too heavy!

We're hoping for better weather the rest of the week!

That's All For Today!


  1. That dish looks pretty tasty! Love the Tiger costume.

  2. It seems to me that you had a great stay there and enjoyed every minute of it.

  3. Yup, charging for bags isn't such a bad idea. I made sure (and still do, even now that we're back home) to take along a durable bag (or bags) of some sort when shopping. I always know ahead of time how much I'll be getting, and it's never more than what I can carry in two hands.
    I still had a couple of the "Billa" (a grocery store chain in Austria) plastic bags that I had to buy when we first arrived in Austria in November of '09. They were €.10 each. They didn't hold much though, so I had several of the much larger woven "tarp like" bags in my arsenal. Much sturdier and roomier.
    I absolutely refused to buy one of those little carts though. Just wasn't going to do it.

  4. Really enjoyed the street scenes today, Sharon, especially your favorite vendor. And, a meal like the one shown is perfect for some fresh crusty bread as accompaniment. We too bring our own shopping bags when grocery shopping. The idea of stores charging a few cents might slow down folks trashing them along US roadsides, but then there would be fast food trash. We enjoy shopping at Ikea stores, which do not have shopping bags, unless you buy pone of their large reuse able ones or bring your own. Hope your remaining time in Sevilla provides some better weather.

  5. I was wondering if you had seen the street entertainer lately. He must make a decent living to be able to pay for his costumes!

  6. I'm going to miss the street entertainer! I wonder how many different outfits he has?