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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Another Rainy Day

It started raining yesterday...  we're forecast for rain all week.  It really isn't a big deal for us as we're in class until 1:30 each day...  have lunch at 2pm, and then have the afternoon free...

Walking to school this morning looked like this....
Dark and Dreary
It wasn't raining hard and we had on our rain jackets and didn't even use the umbrella.
Mostly it was just that damp, dismal feeling.....

During our break from 11:15 until 11:45, many of the students walk about a half block to the local bar.  Everyone orders coffee...  sometimes a sandwich...  but mostly just a small glass of that super-strong stuff (cafe) that I don't even pretend to like.  There are dogs everywhere in Sevilla...  and this restaurant/bar has a resident dog...
Today he waddled (yes, I DO mean waddle...  he is SO fat!) over to talk to me today.
I petted him for a while...  but all the time, he never took his eyes off his owner..  who was sitting at the bar.  He looks kind of sad here, but it's so obvious that his owner takes very good care of him and takes him everywhere he goes.

We have lunch at 2pm with Carlo and Rosa...  and anyone else who is currently living at the B&B (today there were 3 middle-school age girls from Italy....  here for a week of classes)

The rain slowed down to an occasional shower, so after lunch Bill & I headed out for a walk.  Carlo often tells us about various shops and places of interest around town.  The shops are closed until at least 5pm...  often until 7pm....  so when we're out we're mostly just window shopping.  

I love looking at rooftops....  there's something about them...  especially the churches...  that I just find fascinating.
Of course it doesn't take very long to find churches around here...  there are often as many as 2 in the same block.  But the bigger churches can take up nearly a block of their own.

Look at the top of this church...
I'm always looking for stork nests.  This isn't big enough for a nest, but isn't it interesting to see the greenery growing up there?  You can also see the dark sky...  it would sprinkle a while...  the sun would emerge...  more sprinkles...  off and on all afternoon.

Another of my rooftop pictures...
 I see that the finials are covered with screen....  wonder if that's to keep the birds off?

It's a wonder I don't fall on my face as I'm always looking up...  or down...  or around.  I didn't even notice that I got splashed big-time by a passing car....
When my leg started getting cold (and feeling wet) I looked down at my pants....  oh yuk!  

Oh Well...  that's part of walking along the streets when it's raining.

We ended our walk by heading up to Corte Ingles for a little shopping...  then headed home...
I think it was Ms Sparrow who asked me about the "gold" buildings.  I'm kinda embarrassed to say that I hadn't looked at them the same way...  but yes indeed...  there are a LOT of yellow, or shades of yellow, buildings here.  
We do see some shades of pink or salmon, lots of white, but I believe Ms Sparrow is quite observant seeing the yellow.

The answer...  heck, I don't know.
Maybe I can find out before we leave.

That's All For Today!


  1. It might as well be snowing. But then it would be colder. Hoping for sunshine around the corner.

  2. Great photos. You make me really miss it! Looking for storks and their nests in Sevilla? This is where I saw one last year:

    Go to Calle Feria, to the plaza one street north of Calle Castellar (sorry I can't remember the name of the plaza). The steeple is next door (south) to I think the Hermandad de Monte Sión.

  3. Looks like about the same weather we have been having in Georgia. However, it's probably been a little warmer there.

  4. A dog living in a restraunt would be like it going to heaven. No wonder he is over weight, he is cute and everybody probably gives hime a "treat" or two.

  5. Love the roof tops! Churches, barns, homes, it just doesn't matter! Lately I have been looking for weather vanes!

    The streets there are so pretty!

    Hope tomorrow is a sunny day.

  6. I would be right with you wondering around looking up at the detailed roof lines. Yes, something easy for us to miss color and it's significance.

  7. We are buried under another foot of snow. I would love to walk in the rain instead of contending with piles of snow and icy ruts everywhere! Thanks for responding about the gold paint on buildings. It might be a coincidence that they use that color for certain buildings--or maybe it's just cheaper. It sounds like you get to do plenty of leisurely exploring. Maybe you'll even find another penny press somewhere.