Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Random Street Scenes....

It's raining today....  cold, wet and overcast....
We finally went out around 3pm to see what was going on in the city.

Actually, I did go to Iglesio San Jacinto for 10:00 mass this morning...
This is a huge church... and quite elaborate 
This was the 4th week I've gone to early mass and there are only about 30 parishioners each week.  But then, people here stay up half the night, so those that do attend probably go later.

The rest of today's photos will be from yesterday 
You know how I love those photos that show the rooftops...
This church isn't the huge cathedral, but isn't the top of it lovely?  All that tile and fancy work?

The doors here are often huge, massive wooden doors
Often they will have those rivet-looking things all over.  
You just know that if you were to walk inside the ceilings would be 10' high!

When's the last time you saw a nun wearing a habit?
These two nuns were waiting for their ride outside Corte Ingles yesterday.
I have no idea what order they belong to...  

Another statue outside the Bull Ring..
We often walk along the same streets, but are continually spotting something new.
Of course "it"s been there for years (sometimes centuries), but it's such fun to come across these statues, monuments, little parks, or....  whatever that we haven't seen before.

Another Street Performer....
Nah...  he isn't a guru levitating on his own....
That blue post has another section that goes into his sleeve...  down his back, and it has a little seat for him to sit on.  Of course everyone does a double take the first time they see him...
And...  he does sit perfectly still.

 It always pays to look up - sometimes the sights up on the buildings are quite pleasant to see...
Like these geraniums....
Aren't they a bright spot of color?
I never see any fake flowers here.  It's all the real thing!

We came across a tiny little park - actually, more like a tiny plaza - just down the street from us...
It had this "mini" gym...  along with instructions on how to use the equipment.  I assumed they were for runner to use to warm up, but was told that the city put them in in various places in town to encourage the elderly to exercise.  Well...  now...  didn't THAT make me feel guilty because I didn't put them to use!  

Of course I saved my favorite until last...
My Favorite Entrepreneur...
For the life of me I can't think of who he's dressed as today...
Little Miss Muffett came to mind...
If anyone comes up with the answer, please let me know.
After all...  this guy must work hard to entertain his favorite corner folks.

Hope y'all had a great weekend and it's NOT raining where you are.

That's All For Today!


  1. Were you able to read the instructions for the workout equipment?

  2. Yes, actually we were. Graphics are wonderful ;-)

  3. I love that levitating fellow. I wonder how long he sits there (in mid air - grin)?

  4. Love the levitating guy!! That's a pretty cool idea. That church in the first photo is just majestic. Funny you should mention rain. It's about 33 degrees here and was raining a little earlier!

  5. Do the levitating guy and Ms. Muffet try to collect money from passersby? I love that they have an exercise park for seniors!

  6. Enjoyed the tour today. The levitating guy is cool! How do people think up those things? Love your new header picture!

  7. Thanks for the tour. You give a great description of what you see. There's so much to see that I can see why you miss something and pick it up later.

  8. It mist be fun to see the street performers. I love the levitating guy. Do you toss them tips?

    1. Ms Muffet sells little packages of tissues (probably for a donation)... most of the street performers have a bowl or hat or something for passerbys to put some coins into. We don't "tip" everytime, or everyone (there are lots of these folks around)... but if I take a photo, I consider that I've "bought" something so add to the coffer. Ms Muffet is so innovative... and always comes over to the curb so I can take a photo... we tip him fairly often. We bought a CD of classical guitar music from one performer... 10euros.... well worth it! Most don't have something that expensive to sell... most are just "selling" their resourcefulness.

  9. I always look forward to seeing what your Ms Muffet character is wearing. Do you ever talk to him?
    The churches are beautiful.

  10. Wonder why street artists ... I mean ~ I'm going to go sit on a seat attached to a pretty blue pole going through my sleeve to make people think I'm levitating. AND I'm going to sell crackers dressed as ... looks like Bo Peep to me. But he didn't have a shepherd's hook... hmmm Well? whatever. I think their mindsets are what's fun.

    Like the street artists in New Orleans... not moving in a statue kind of way ~ one guy was climbing a ladder ~ seems he would get tired in that position ... art? alrighty ~ I'm such a Philistine ~ BUT fun is fun and whatever steams one's bean is where it's at... I think so.

    I love Geraniums and how they look but their smell? jeez. I had windows full of them in a house we had with ... lots of windows...

    Great walk today as usual ;)