Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Orange Blossom Special

It's not raining!

We went for a long walk after class today and are going to the opera in a couple of hours.  I haven't done my homework yet, so this will be short.

The orange trees that line the streets here are starting to blossom...
 There are still oranges on some of the trees, but the new buds are already just covering the branches.

 The buds are ready to burst open...
Even they have a fragrant smell...

 A bud that has opened into a small blossom...
I wish I could send along the heavenly aroma!

 Another blossom...

If you lean real close to the screen, maybe you can close your eyes and get a whiff of the wonderful perfume.

We have just over one more week here...  maybe we'll see an entire tree in bloom...  wouldn't that be great!

That's All For Today!


  1. Those blossoms remind me of stars. As hard as I tried I couldn't smell them...wish I were there too!

    Enjoy the opera!

  2. I can see why orange blossoms are used in bridal bouquets. It must be wonderful to see streets lined with them.

  3. Those are some great photos. I love fresh off the tree citrus fruit. Don't get much of it that way.

  4. Great shots of those beautiful blossoms! I hear we're in for some more winter weather starting tomorrow.

  5. Those blossoms look like they have a teeny tiny orange in the center. Yes, I smelled them :)

  6. oh, I bet the smell is breathtaking... I like to scrape orange peels to smell them! I can only imagine walking through orange blossoms... how beautiful!

  7. Another day or two of sunshine and you should notice the fragrance in the air just by opening a window or stepping out your door. There are orange trees in bloom here, too, but nothing like Sevilla!