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Monday, September 30, 2013

Proud Mama....

I don't think there's anything that makes a parent happier than to see their kids grow up to be happy adults.  One of the biggest factors to being happy is liking what you do.  Today, we had the opportunity to visit our son at his place of work. Danny is a tech in the Corrosive Technology lab that is part of the engineering department at Ohio University.  Their main function is to test or development solutions for corrosion problems in the gas and oil field.  They are funded by some of the largest oil companies in the world, so facilities and equipment are state of the art.
 Danny has been with the department nearly 10 years and absolutely loves his job.

A little background:   Our daughter and son-in-law live in the Hudson Valley, about 90 miles north of the city.  Since Bill and I are in Ohio for such a short time, they came here for a week-end visit.  Our son Danny lives here, (as do my brother and sister) and we've had a great time having a very impromptu family reunion.  (more of that in another blog)....

Donna and Glenn had to head back to NY this morning, but before leaving, we went to Danny's place of work for a tour....

There are about 50 people in this department...  I think Danny said they represent at least 14 nationalities.  
Here's Dan...  at his desk.
Which he says he's seldom at because he's out in the lab area most of the time.

There are some separate rooms which house specialty equipment...  rooms where h2S is used and other rooms that require haz/mat clothing and equipment.
But the huge room that houses much of the work is open....
The above collage shows a small section of the room.  At the upper right is one test in progress.  At the lower right that's Donna and Danny as Dan's explaining this piece of equipment.

That's Danny's boss on the right...
Al has been a engineering prof at OU for 18 years.  He was in the old building which is closer to campus, but had the opportunity to design and see this facility become a reality.  

Danny gave us a walking tour throughout the building, explaining what different equipment is used for.  I was really impressed - not just with his knowledge but with his love of the work he does.
Donna, Danny, Bill and Glenn

Looks like something straight out of a Science Fiction Movie to me!
There really are beakers of liquid bubbling...  hoses running from one beaker to another....  glass vats...  stainless steel tanks....  you kind of expect to see Frankenstein's monster lurch from behind a huge storage tank.

Danny gave us a great tour of the place, but it was soon time for him to get back to work.  And... Donna and Glenn to get on the road for their 10 hour drive back to NY.
Donna, Me, and Danny
I am very proud of all my kids, but am so very happy that they do what they like to do, have jobs they like and have good bosses as well.

Yes, I am one proud Mama!

That's All For Today!


  1. That's wonderful - and what a great family. From all appearances, our kids all enjoy their jobs as well.

  2. That sure is a complicated looking place. I'm glad Danny knows what he's doing and enjoying it.

  3. I would be back in pig heaven in a facility that big, with concrete floors, metal benches. I can just smell it. Hat's off to Danny; he worked hard for all that knowledge and ability.

    Now about Donna. I would be back in pig heaven in the Hudson Valley, too. Have her say hello to Pete Seeger for me.

    Lovely kids. Good job, Mom.

  4. Definitely a major accomplishment for you Mom. You raised those really great kids.

  5. Nothing nicer for a parent than seeing that their offspring have made a good nitch in this world for themselves. The icing on the cake is when loves what he is doing. Most of the time, I loved the work I did. I guess that is why I didn't quit until I reached 70.

  6. Love seeing family and I can sure see the resemblance of all three of you... seeing our kids happy is the ultimate. all I care about. yes, good job, Mom....

  7. For sure having a job you enjoy makes life a lot better!

  8. Thank you for the tour and Danny too !..what a neat job..and yep, you have every right to be a proud Mom..
    A good lookin family ... God Bless

  9. I love that last picture. And I especially love what makes you proud of your kids!

  10. A great post. I love the photo with the adult kids; if my family it seems that the opportunities for together shots are kinda' rare. You look so happy and proud!

  11. You sure are one proud mama, Sherry, and it shows!