Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, March 11, 2016

Are We On Countdown?

The plan for Thursday's walk is a 2 hour hike.  Folks meet at the plaza at 8 AM.... Bill and I are always early...  just our nature.  It was cold this morning...  maybe the coldest morning since we've been here.  I wore long pants, walking shoes with real socks; had on a corduroy shirt and I even had my rain jacket on over all that.  I had my hands the pockets of my raincoat...  stepped up onto the entrance of the plaza arch...  stubbed my toe and fell.  
Rats!  Scraped both knees and one hand...  heck, those can be fixed with a few bandaids...  but I had my Leica camera on a neck strap and it hit the concrete hard.  I had a sun shade thingy screwed onto the end of the lens....  that broke into many pieces, but I think it kept the body of the camera from any damage.  I immediately started focusing... snapping photos...  and all seemed well.
Yeah, I'm kind of stoved up a bit, but that didn't stop me from the hike...  and my camera still works fine. 

 That's Memo...  putting on his walking shoes.  No rivers to cross today (but there were some hellish mudholes!)....  and look...  he has on jeans and a hoodie!  Yes... it was pretty cold starting out!

 At first it looked like only Memo, Bill and I were walking today,  But Memo got a call from Nancy, who was going to join us at the corner.  While we were waiting for Memo to collect Nancy, Bill & I spotted this Citreolene Trogan.  Isn't it interesting how different his front is from his back?
I know he has his head in an awkward position on the left...  but again... I'll take what I can get.

 Memo was beginning to think he should have brought his machete.... 
Some of these trees are vicious...  spikes and thorns that are really nasty.  And some of the mud holes we had to navigate could have drowned a horse.  So our 2 hour walk took 2 1/2 or more hours...  but we didn't care....  this will be our last walk of the season and on the way back, I nabbed our last geocache find here for now.  

 The orange at the wing tips doesn't show up here, but  this was a pretty butterfly we saw...

 This huge pineapple field was being planted when we were on a walk here earlier in the season.  I don't know why there are 4 different colors of fields....  it's all pineapple.  Maybe a mystery I'll solve at another time.

I think I once knew what this plant is, but I'll be darned if I can think of it now.

We got back from our walk...  we're still working on getting all the paperwork/bank/notary stuff done before we leave on Monday.  Yesterday a trip to the notary (which would be like going to your lawyer if you were in the States)...  today a trip to the bank in Nuevo Vallarta...  a long session with our real estate agents (I know...  licensing and all that...  let's not get picky)....   tomorrow another trip to the notary, another trip to the bank...  and another trip to the house with the appraiser.  

At least we have an interpreter...  both Spanish and English!  Hey...  sometimes it takes both.

Anyway...  we're moving right along.  I'm cleaning out the fridge, it's pretty bare...  tonight we've ordered pizza from Madame Sasu....  

Tomorrow?   Well...  that's tomorrow....

That's All For Today!


  1. Your photos are so clear today--glad you didn't hurt the "good" camera!!

  2. Is it a columbine?
    Stop falling. That's an order.

  3. The pineapple mystery piques my interest.

  4. I fell face first on the sidewalk years ago when I was up north and out walking at night with my hands tucked tightly into my pants pocket. Couldn't get my hands out to help break the fall. Another time I was in a top bunk with my hands at my side in my sleeping bag. I must have turned over and fell out. I woke up half way down and couldn't do anything. Hit the floor face first. That was lucky, couldn't mess up this face any more than it is (grin).

  5. Glad you are ok, you need to stop falling.
    Soon the house will be wrapped up and you will be back in the states.
    Things will come together wonderfully.

  6. That Trogan is so pretty. Glad your camera survived the fall.

  7. The flower is Bird of Paradise and the butterfly is a Band-celled we see in South Texas occasionally. Would love to add that trogan to my life list!!!