Along the Natchez Trace

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Knit One, Purl Two...

What a difference a day makes!
Day before yesterday is was 28 degrees F. with frost on the ground at 6 AM,
yesterday was around 54 F at that time, and today it was 64 F at 6 AM.
It's around 9:30 AM now and it's already 70 degrees.  No sunshine....  it's overcast and looks kind of gloomy, but no rain. (yet).  Bill has been burning some trash in the burn pile...  he has to get this done early before the winds start.  Later in the season they'll be a "no burn" ordinance.  

I finished the socks I was knitting just before we left Mexico...  wore them on the flight home.  I'm seldom without a knitting project of some kind and when we got back to our motorhome I decided to start a shawl that I'd bought the pattern and yarn for a year (maybe 2 years?) ago.  I'd read the instructions and they looked more complicated than I wanted to do while on the road.
In fact, I've dragged out the pattern several times.... and put it back away.
A couple of days ago I decided to just do it...
I've been knitting over 50 years...  when my kids were little I knit for a local yarn shop...  mostly items for professional women, everything from jackets and skirts to fancy sweaters.  Fisherman knit sweaters were my favorite.  I say that just to let you know I'm a fairly experienced knitter.

Well...  let me tell you...
This shawl is giving me fits!
I've started it (and ripped it out) at least 4 times.  I'd never used a "provisional row" before - that's the white yarn on the end.  (old dog - new tricks)   Every knit row is different (every other row is a purl row...  that's when I count my stitches and try to see if a leaf pattern is emerging)...
I've been working on those 49 stitches for 3 days now....  looks like I might have an inch knitted.  The amount of stitches will increase every few rows and it will be a nice size shawl if/when I every get it finished.  I count stitches a lot!
It's definitely NOT something I'll work on when on the road...
I better start another pair of socks...  I need mindless knitting when traveling...
something I can knit while still watching the scenery fly by.

The Bluebonnets are blooming..
Just wanted to include some before we head out of Texas...

That's All For Today!


  1. Be careful your not carrying weaponry with those needles 😊

  2. It seems I have no time except for mindless sock knitting.

  3. My wife crochets and also has a loom that she sits at to do weaving. I guess she likes to keep her hands busy.

  4. I know what you mean about starting a new pattern. I used to be able to just pick it without a second thought. Now I have a second, third and even a forth thought before starting something new.

  5. Oh the Bluebonnets, yes. Will hope be at the Midland Walmart tomorrow and maybe see some along the way.
    Gonna miss you guys. Travel safe and have too much fun.

  6. I knitted once, and gave scarves to siblings for Christmas, which all went in the trash. I never knitted again. I admire people who are good at it.

  7. Knitting is something I really would like to learn to do better--remember my trials with the socks--never did get a pair of socks knitted but I did knit two very nice "spa cloths." I have a bag pattern somewhere I want to try but need to order the circular needles.

  8. One of these days you'll pull that shawl pattern out and everything will just click and you will whip it up in no time!
    Are yall going back to Maine? Have a safe trip wherever you go.

  9. I'm going to agree with Teri. I've had patterns like that, too. Super annoying to get started but then suddenly everything clicks and it falls into place without having to worry about every stitch. Unless it's a Fair Isle, of course. Then it drives you crazy for the entire project. After doing a Fair Isle sweater for my daughter, I swore I'd never do anything involving multiple colors of yarn on bobbins ever again.