Along the Natchez Trace

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Out Walking Again....

I needed a breather - didn't take any photos yesterday.  Well...  that's not true...  we did the house inventory and both Bill & I took quite a few photos of what's there...  what belongs to the renters, what the owner wants to keep....  and what's supposed to be included in the sale of the house.  None of that stuff is "blog worthy"....  so I was happy today to get back to the river and the beach.

I'm finally getting back to my 10,000 steps a day.  That doesn't make 5 miles, which has been my real goal for each day, but I believe I'll get in my total "hoped for" miles by the time we leave.

So...  on with the walk...
 The river isn't moving at all...  the algae has grown so that in places it looks almost like a lawn instead of a waterway.

 We heard the splashing before we saw this man riding his horse and leading 2 others.  We all stopped and talked a bit...  I think this coming fall we'll go on a trail ride here.  It's another way to see this beautiful countryside.

 We saw this young Yellow-crowned Night Heron this morning.  He'll grow into a right handsome bird...  but you know, I don't think he looks too bad right now....

 Came across this small (maybe 3') iguana on the River Road.  His coloring blends right in with the sand, debris and root structure all around him.  But he scurried off....

 With that red eye, I'm thinking this is a White-faced Ibis.  You don't see any white face?  Neither do I...  not even that edging of white that comes around where their bill meets their face.  BUT....  this is only early March...  some markings come later in the season.

 And...  what appeared in the water today?  A pair of Northern Shovelers.
This male caught my eye first...  with that huge bill, he's hard to miss.  He had his missus with him...  and the two of them were having a good time in the less brackish river waters.  He's the first of this species we've seen here this visit.

 Continuing on down the River Road, we ran into Christian.  Memo is teaching Christian English (and Christian helps Memo with his Spanish), so Christian is getting easier to talk with as time goes on.
I asked him what he had draped around his neck....  He explained he's making a net....

 Another time I'll find out more about this, but he's using a shuttle-like device that holds that monofiloment fishing line and all I can see is that he makes loops and ties knots.  He said he made one earlier to catch small fish...  this one is for bigger fish.  I always learn something from Christian...  last Sunday I learned that the dog I've been calling Oreo is really named Pirate.  I never know what gems of information I'll learn as each day progresses.

This tree happens to be in the yard of our "new house"...  But there are lots of them around town... 
It's a Yaka, or Jackfruit tree...
These fruits are HUGE....  When we were in Mexico several years ago I remember buying one at a fruit stand....  tried to separate the flesh from the seeds...  hated the smell, the texture and the taste.  So...  here we are with one in our soon to be yard.  Oh well...  maybe we'll replace it with some bougainvillea  or something.

It really does have interesting fruit....  
Wonder if I could develop a taste for it?

One more thing before I close....  neither Bill nor I have any plans of becoming expats.  We've been traveling in and around Mexico since 2003 and love it.  I think we'll love spending 3 or 4 months a year in our new home....  but we'll keep our mailing address in Texas, we'll vote in the USA (here, I'm rolling my eyes)...  and as for me, I'm not just an American citizen, I am, and always will be, an Ohio Buckeye at heart.  Just sayin'........

That's All For Today!


  1. Yep, I will have to agree with the "rolling eyes" comment on voting--geez what a mess! You two have my cowboy looking at Mexico property again!

  2. What a fun walk. You two sure did pick a great place to make home for a few months.
    Once an Ohio Buckeye; always an Ohio Buckeye! Go Bucks. Should be a very interesting football season.

  3. Love seeing all the scenery there on your walks.

  4. So how is your Spanish coming along?

  5. Great photos. A great day. And I can't tell you how excited I am that this is now your home --- when you're home! What a great place.

  6. So neat you guys are buying a house there. Now you have to make a list of all the things you need to bring to it from the USA - like decent hummingbird feeders and a good fry pan?

  7. Nice looking birds and funny looking fruit.

  8. This town sounds like a place to get healthy . . . good food, exercise, low stress, friendly people. All this is therapy.

  9. I've read that vegans use jackfruit as a meat substitute.sliced thin and seasoned. Maybe you can trade the fruit for something else.