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Monday, March 7, 2016

Clinic Day Again....

The Spay/Neuter clinic was held again today here in Lo de Marcos.  The 3rd and last one this winter season.  It's been kind of a rough week, what with the stomach ailment I had ... which I think has passed... (take that anyway you want) and the ups and downs of trying to buy that house.  But lots of juice and moringa tea...  as well as a positive attitude...  got me through just fine and I was ready to stand by the microwave and heat up rice-filled socks to keep little (and sometimes big) furry bodies warm today.  

Actually, the microwave I was using went crazy...  I could smell something burning...  didn't smell like rice but more electrical (y'all probably know that smell)... and just then the microwave quit and kind of popped.  Died deader than a doornail!

What to do?  Little bodies need to be be brought up to a certain temperature after surgery...  Well, they are nothing if not resourceful here....

While someone went home to get another microwave....
I laid those rice filled socks on the hood of a car parked outside.  I looked for a black car, but folks are smarter than that here...  even at that, the sun was beating down and I plopped some socks down here in ready for the next furry critter that needed some warmth.

Soon enough the program coordinator drove up with a replacement microwave.  Again...  one must be resourceful here...  the #5 button didn't work...  so I'd hit the 1-3-0 buttons and zap 3 socks for a minute and a half.  I had also figured out that I could zap 2 socks for only 1 minute and get about the right amount of warmth.  However...  the replacement microwave wasn't as "hot" as the old one, so it usually took 2 tries to get the socks warm enough.  Now...  I bet you never gave it a thought as to how long and how hot a sock filled with rice should be zapped in order to be just what a puppy or kitty needed to maintain their body temp, did you?  (Neither did I)

Meanwhile...  outside...  Bill is washing down and disinfecting crates and cages...
Between jobs he worked on some donated dog collars...  making them like new again.

My favorite dog today was just a puppy.  She got spayed...  great...  but was also found to have mange, hook worms and I don't know what all.  So after her surgery she got put out on the back porch with Bill, so she wouldn't contaminate any of the other 20+ critters.  I'd go out and make over her for a while...  then go back inside and wash up like I was a surgeon.  Being outside and not in the normal recovery room they forgot about her a couple of times and started hunting for their lost dog.  When you're dealing with about 25 dogs and cats, keeping the paperwork in order is critical.  And they do...  but it's also easy to forget about the one who is the outcast....  sort of the leper in biblical days?

Anyway...  I got done and left around 3:30...  Bill washed out the last of the cages and got home shortly after 4 PM.  It was a good day....  and if all works out okay, Bill & I will be here during the next clinic season to do it all again.

About the house...  the inspection didn't happen Friday...  is supposed to be tomorrow.  And...  what we'll do with it when we aren't here?  Too early to even think about.  Hey...  we have to  get everything done and actually own that house first.  Don't forget...  we're in Mexico and things might take a little longer down here.

That's All For Today!


  1. It seems you enjoy your clinic's very interesting doing that I should imagine.

  2. It is great that you're helping out at the clinic. I'll bet they really appreciate it!

  3. Pop bottles full of the hottest water possible, before melting, then covered with a sock, also work, as well as the latex gloves, filled with hot water, but you then have to micro those also. We used to have an off to the side table for the lepers too, cats with ringworm or lice. Bill looks like he's concentrating hard on that collar!

  4. Seems like you are enjoying all this fun stuff here.
    There is 2 times to go by real time and Mexican time. So in Mexico you do what the locals do, mañana quizá (maybe). lol...