Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Monday Events That Aren't Really Eventful....

Only one week left...  well, really, less than that as we'll be flying back to Texas next Monday.  In many ways it seems like we just got here, the time has certainly flown by.  Today was Memo's Monday morning walk.  I can't even remember how we found out about these walks...  but they've been part of our "agenda" every week.  

More than once Pirate has come over to the arch at the town plaza to say hello...
Sometimes he goes along on the walk with us...  sometimes not.
This morning Christian made him a little pirate hat...  that's what's perched on his head here....
Neither Pirate nor Christian went on the walk...  both just came over to say "hola" and go their own way.  

We've met so many people here because of these walks.  Quite a few have come and gone, but today, it was especially nice...  there were only 5 of us walking, but we were some of the core group that we started out with.  These Monday walks have not only given us some exercise, but they have introduced us to other folks and are a fun social time.  

We did the usual Monday morning route...  I didn't need to put on my rubber shoes to cross the river...  it is very low now and someone has placed stepping stones in appropriate places so I didn't even get my feet wet....
A view of the river....  looking down river towards the beach (which is maybe a half mile away...  maybe less).  
Memo is the best ambassador this town could have...  he has been arranging two walks a week and during the walks he lets us know what all is going on.  Plus, he has a Facebook page that gives times and dates of all kinds of events.  And he does it all without compensation...  quite a gift to folks like us who have just arrived.

We've been trying all day to hook up with the men who do the inspection of the house.  Things don't work here like they do in the States (what an understatement!)...  but finally around 4:45 pm we got an e-mail asking if we could meet them at the house at 5 pm.  Bill grabbed his backpack and camera...  I didn't need to go.  We'll know more about all this later....

But a fun thing...  our walking friends, Chris and Kathryn, and their housemates, Judy and Ed, invited some folks over to their house for a taco party this afternoon.  The 4 of them are all vegans, but they invited everyone to bring whatever toppings we'd like.  Bill & I took some Oaxaca cheese, but my favorite thing was the green lettuce that Memo had grown.  We just don't eat salads much here and I guess I was really hungry for one...

It wasn't a huge crowd, but there sure was enough food if there had have been.
The food was delicious, but the best part was the chatting back and forth between us all.

Tomorrow we go to the Notary in La Penita.  More paperwork...  more of that tomorrow.   And so...

That's All For Today!


  1. That looks a fun party and spread of food. I guess there was no crocodile

  2. What a fun day you had, hope the paper work gets all done in time before you leave.

  3. I know I would really enjoy those walks. Thanks for sharing. Does he get paid for any of the walks? Does he take donations?
    Hope all goes well tomorrow.

  4. Hope the house passed inspection. Looks like a great house. Pirate and Christian go together well.

  5. Any excuse is a good one to sit down to a feast of great food. Did you guess that I love to eat??

  6. There is something different about the people gathered in the kitchen. I know what it is! They look relaxed!!!

  7. I'm so far behind in blogging - where are you?