Along the Natchez Trace

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Saturday Night With PHC

Bill & I are both morning people.  Usually by 5:30 AM we're up...  either already had our showers or are about done with all that morning stuff.  We often wait for daylight before we head off for our morning walk.  It gets light here now shortly after 7:00 am.  Usually Bill walks with me around 6:30 Sunday mornings as I head off for 7:00 mass.  The one morning he didn't come with me I stubbed my toe on a crack in the sidewalk and fell flat.....  skinned up both knees, both hands...  that kind of thing.  So while we usually walk together anyway, he sees that I get to church okay.

When we do walk along the main street early in the morning we walk pass the Tortilla shops.  See all those ice chests?  They are filled with warm tortillas that were made (by hand) during the night...  the delivery guys will load these ice chests on their motorcycles or non-motorized 3-wheel bicycles early in the morning and deliver them to restaurants all over town.  

On the other end...  neither of us stay up late.  I won't even write about bedtime.  So..  one good thing about Saturday night here in this time zone is that Prairie Home Companion comes on at 5:00 pm and is over at 7:00.  

There is a luau tonight over at the beach.  It's a benefit the Amigos are putting on...  We saw the pig roaster yesterday...  I think they sold 300 tickets and were sold out.  But I doubt if it even starts until at least 7:00 or later.  So....  we'll eat our left-over shrimp tonight....  listen to PHC and pack it in early.

By the way...  shrimp is no longer available here.  Shrimping has been suspended for now.  Seems they've been over harvesting and the shrimp need time to recover.  I still have 1 bag in the freezer.  Since we've only just over a week left I guess that will do us for now.

We were standing on a corner this morning talking to a friend and a van pulled up and asked us where the Lagoon was located.  When we moved on, we headed to the lagoon ourselves....  saw the van...  and a whole tour of birders standing by the lagoon scoping out the various birds.  Nothing of interest to us, but we talked a while then moved on.  

The van passed us....  but shortly came back our way.  We motioned to them that there was a great bird just above them on the power line...
 This Russet-crowned Motmot was just sitting on the overhead powerline...

 He even turned around and showed us his distinctive tail feathers...

They moved on...  and so did we....  
We saw this butterfly...  not very big...  certainly not showy....  but it sat still long enough for me to get his picture.

We saw the Elegant Trogon again....
But my only shots were from below looking up...  not the best way to get a decent shot.  
We're getting so we recognize the call now so when we hear it we stop and look for the bird.  They do tend to be behind leaves, behind branches....  way up in the treetops....  whatever makes it the hardest for us to see him.    Oh well...

We stopped at the Saturday morning Tianguis and had juice smoothies and empanadas...  
It was good to sit down for a while before heading on home.

Did see this on the way...
Looks like a Woodie golf cart...  or something like that.  First time we've seen it...  maybe he got it out for the luau....  I don't know.  

The town in a lot quieter now...  many of the snowbirds have already headed back to Canada, the USA or wherever they came from.  You could roll a bowling bowl down the main street...  but you wouldn't hit anything - not because there's no traffic but because the cobblestone road would make it a gutter ball within a few feet.

That's Okay...  Life is still quite good here.

And...  our Spanish does progress each day.  Did you know "granada" is Spanish for pomegranate?  Just across the river there is a new orchard being developed.  We asked Christian what was being planted...  his description (and Spanish) gave us a new word.  Might be something we'll want to plant in our new yard.

That's All For Today!


  1. More lovely scenery, love the picture of that Mot mot.

  2. Nice shot of the Motmot, what beautiful colours!

  3. Will you rent out your new house when you are not in residence?

  4. Nice photo of the motmot. I love the word itself. Where do you go when you leave there? Back to Texas? Going to Maine this year?

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