Along the Natchez Trace

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Who Says You Can't Go Home Again?

We left Glen Rose Texas last Thursday...  headed east....
Through eastern Texas over to Shreveport...  on to (almost) Jackson, Mississippi...  where we got on the Natchez Trace.  I had to go back and check out our records (and I DO keep very good records)...  this was our 5th drive up the Trace.  We love it!  No commercial traffic...  50 MPH speed limit... two (yes! 2! free campgrounds along the way)....  and beautiful scenery.  

This time we saw wild turkeys only on 2 days...  no deer....  but the Redbud trees were in bloom...  and the Dogwood was coming into bloom....
Many years ago I read "North With the Spring", by Edwin Way Teale....  he wrote about his three months on the road traveling from the Everglades in Florida to Lake Champlain in Vermont.  A book written in 1951, but one which inspired me to pursue a "naturalist" education and a way of live.  So I felt right at home with our own northern travels into spring....

Not just Redbud and Dogwood....  but azaleas, wisteria, wild mustard, and all kinds of wildflowers greeted us as we traveled northeast....  

Okay...  those of you who have traveled with me over the years know about my weird sense of humor...
Now....  tell me the truth.....  what would you think if you saw this as you were walking along?

Nevermind...  let's move right along....
This one's for sentimental reasons....
My Grandmother, who died years before I was born, was named Cynthia Ann....  after this town in Kentucky.  When Bill & I got married, we drove over to Cynthiana, KY for the ceremony.  (That's another story all in itself!).....  but that was our homage to our (my) past....  Bill's genealogical bent, and me...  just being bent....  made this the perfect place.  So...  here we are....  years later, diving within a few miles of that city.

Finally, we make it into Ohio...
Isn't this the worst welcome a person could expect?  I mean, Welcome to Ohio...  but check out McDonalds, the Lottery, this or that wonderful restaurant!  Dawg!  Somehow my welcome back to Ohio kind of gets lost among the other signs.

Well...  maybe Ohio is pissed because I became resident of Texas a few years ago...  what can I say?
Only that I'll always be a Buckeye (don't give a darn about OSU and all that... it's OHIO that is home to me)...

Things like this big ole sycamore tree....  
Haven't seen one in months!  

These Daffodils...
I picked this bouquet within minutes of arriving back on "the Ridge" .....  bulbs that are the descendants of bulbs I planted over 50 years ago. 
 My favorite flower!
And yes, I am home.  Not in the house I left....   that's okay...  that's not important.  I'm home again....  at least for a while...  ready for the rest of Spring and into Summer.  More as time goes by....

That's All For Today!


  1. We will be "home" in about another week and a half. Nothing like being a Buckeye.

    I don't think I remember seeing a daffodil or tulip here in Houston. Love them.

  2. Daffodils, tulips, and crocuses always remind me of the hope of spring.

  3. Welcome home. Yes, it is always good to go home again. Of course the old saying is mostly correct when it says "you can't go home again". Things are never quite the same.

  4. How do you entertain yourself while driving such long distances? That's a very long drive. What next? Back to Maine?

  5. Nice to get back home again you made good time. Enjoy.
    We gonna be in Wapa, sun and monday before the final leg home

  6. Nice "homecoming" post. Enjoy.

  7. I do miss spring--in Montana it's non-existent, here in the desert, spring is just not the same!

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