Along the Natchez Trace

Friday, March 18, 2016

Back In Texas....

The flight went well on Monday...  our daughter and son-in-law picked us up at DFW and we got home around 9:30.  Daylight savings time is already in effect here, so actually the travel day worked well for us and the adjustment hasn't been that hard.

We had 3 months of mail to open and sort...
That took a while, but it looks like all the tax information we need has arrived, so we'll soon be sending off all that stuff to our CPA in Ohio.

I got caught up on laundry... and even got the luggage stashed away.  Of course I had my priorities...  call the kids, followed by an appointment to get my hair cut, an appointment to get our hearing aids adjusted...  and a trip to the In N Out for a double-double in Fort Worth.  All done!  We have a week or so here before we head on to Ohio.

Our Texas daughter lives in a rural area and the wildlife here is plentiful...
There were 9 deer just across the road this morning as we were heading into town.  Only 8 in this photo...  the other was off to the left.  Bill filled all the deer feeders here and adjusted the flow...  so we see them right outside our rig fairly often.

Look what wanders through the yard...  at least twice each day...
There were these 2 Toms and 6 hens this afternoon.  
I took all the turkey photos from inside our motorhome...  I don't want to frighten them as they are so much fun to watch.

I finally got outside for a walk today...  saw these Grape Hyacinths blooming down the road.  They are probably an escape as there is an old house nearby.  
The Texas Blue Bonnets are in bloom now but I haven't gotten any photos yet.  They are on my list!

I see some Indian Paintbrush, but not fields of it like we see down around San Antonio.  I love seeing these Texas spring flowers!

They've had a lot of rain in this area lately and the creek that runs through our daughter's property is not only still flowing but has several fairly deep pools.  That little waterfall at the lower right is nothing but a memory during the summer months.

This male Cardinal was singing his heart out...  way up in the top branches of a tree!
It's quite overcast here today...  more rain on the way...  so between the weather and our rig's dirty windows, photos were difficult.

More turkey photos...
You can barely see the hen in the background...  this Tom just struts around...  posturing and showing his stuff!  This is breeding season so he'll keep his harem together for a while yet.

We're enjoying being back in the States...  catching up with family and the such...  the temperature's going to drop some, so it's jeans and sweater weather for me.  That's okay...  I enjoy all the seasons!

The End!

That's All For Today!


  1. Those toms have beautiful tail feathers and I hope the cardinal finds love soon. Glad you're back and got your mail and catching up on everything before you head out once again.

  2. Beautiful turkeys. Thanks for the pictures. Wild turkeys are grand birds.

  3. Noticed that Kevin and Ruth arrived in Los de Marcos just after you left. Too bad you couldn't have met up. Glad you had an uneventful trip back to Texas.

  4. We;lcome back to the USA.
    We will be heading that way in a week or so making our way back east too.

  5. The feathers on the turkeys are so shiny, like they just went through a car wsh.

  6. It's nice that you appreciate wherever you live. You also see the beauty in everyday things, which is good. Maybe you can hear them better now too, after the hearing-aid appointment :) I'm finally caving in and getting my hair cut while we're travelling. I hope I don't regret it, like you did in Costa Rica!

  7. Welcome home. Enjoy the family. Love The End photo...what a hoot.

  8. Welcome home. If your mail is anything like ours you'll throw away about 80% of what is in those boxes and envelopes!!